A Better Alternative to Additive Manufacturing

Offering Next-Generation Injection Molding Processes, with lead times that rival additive manufacturing.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich., Nov. 24, 2014 -- Xcentric Mold & Engineering's innovative injection molding process offers developers a competitive advantage in part creation.

Fast time to market is crucial in product development. It's the difference between innovators and imitators. So it's only natural for designers and engineers to want to partner with a manufacturer that gives them a competitive advantage, both in terms of technology, experience and the flexibility to produce parts efficiently and of high quality.

That's what Clinton Township, Michigan-based Xcentric Mold & Engineering excels in, but not in the way you might think. While most manufacturers have invested heavily in additive processes for rapid prototyping purposes, Xcentric has put its resources into revolutionizing injection molding and the way parts are built with the process - a move that has positioned the company five years ahead of the curve in manufacturing proficiency.

"Our goal was to create a system that brings injection molded parts to the customer in days - not weeks," starts Brendan Weaver, President, Xcentric Mold & Engineering. "With our process, we can create an injection mold faster than it can be 3D printed, a savings which is passed on to the customer in costs and time."

The process includes the creation of a custom-built injection mold and the industry's first lifetime warranty. It's a computerized injection process that assures stress-free molding and the most consistent shot-to-shot repeatability in the industry today. Customized and automated, from top to bottom utilizing a fast quoting system also helps with its accelerated part creation.

With innovations such as these, Xcentric boasts turnaround times as short as one day, depending on part complexity. But unlike additive processes, this next-generation injection molding process is also capable of creating highly complex parts with incredible accuracy, which may take anywhere from 1 to 15 days to ship.

"Rapid prototyping is nearing its limitations - but we've just reached the tip of the iceberg with our process. We will continue to make advancements moving forward so our customers can further benefit from the speed and quality of our process so that they can move their products into the market faster than ever before."

For more information on Xcentric Mold & Engineering, contact the company at 586-598-4636 or visit Xcentric online at www.xcentricmold.com.

About Xcentric Mold & Engineering
Xcentric specializes in low-volume custom injection molding and CNC machined parts. Their approach has become a vital process to many organizations, small businesses and inventors alike. They provide quick-turn manufacturing solutions for product development professionals or anyone looking to bring a new idea to market utilizing plastic or metal materials.

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