Promote the Leaping Development of Robotics

Lead the Deepening Transform of Manufacture

Committee of CIROS- Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, mentioned at China International Summit of Robotics Industry in July of this year that R&D, manufacturing and applications of robots had became the yardsticks of the strengths in technology innovation and high-end manufacturing of a country. Robotics industry is an important division of national strategy with developed technologies and broad markets in main economies, such as US, Europe, Japan and Korea. In addition, China has listed high-end equipment manufacturing involving robots as one of its important strategic emerging industries.

In recent years, robotics industry and its applications are booming in all areas. China International Robot Show(CIROS) jointly hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation(CMIF), China Robot Industry Alliance(CRIA) and CMEPO Exhibition Co.,Ltd.(CMEPO), is a burgeoning professional exhibition on robotics in the global environment.

As a high-profile exhibition involving all communities, especially in the global robotics industries since its establishment in 2012, CIROS grows by a yearly rise of 40% in exhibition space after three years of successful achievements. It receives high attentions and supports from global robot suppliers, while supported by International Federation of Robotics(IFR). With its global renowned exhibitors including ABB, KUKA, FANUC, NACHI, YASKAWA, KAWASAKI, STAUBLI, ADEPT, Shenyang SIASUN, Guangzhou GSK, Anhui EFORT, Nanjing ESTUN, CIROS has become an annual event of domestic robotics industry.

The reasons for the extensive attention on CIROS are as followings:

1. R&D, manufacturing and applications of robots in domestic manufacturing grow rapidly. According to statistics by IFR and CRIA, the global sales volume of robots increased by 12% over previous year, while the sales volume of robots in Asia increased by 18%. The sales in China market stood out with 20% of robots sold in China. The total sales volume of industrial robots in China in 2013 increased by approximately 40% compared with last year. The annual sales of industrial robots in China ranks top of the world.

2. Unlike other exhibitions, CIROS is an exhibition of whole industrial chains covering industrial robots, service robots and specialized robots. It has turned into a robot show of whole concept in China involving new technologies and new products of service robots with updated concept from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

3. As the organizer of CIROS, China Machinery Industry Federation boasts an incomparable influence in manufacturing in China. Established on April 21, 2013, China Robot Industry Alliance, being an authoritative organization of robotics industry in China, covers the backbones of domestic robot enterprises and main research institutes. It cooperates with IFR, VDMA, RIA, JARA, KAR and TAIROA, while establishing connections with organizations in France, India and Russia.

4. As a crucial communication platform of robotics industry in China, CIROS combines exhibition with summits. Every year global experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attend summits and Round-Table, discussing the development and applications of robotics industry in the world, releasing research achievements and analyzing policies. In the mean time, CIROS is the very only exhibition supported by IFR in China, while greatly supported by KAR, JARA and TAIROA.

CIROS2015 will move to National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) , being the newest and biggest one in China, with a exhibition space of 28,000m2 and an expected visitors of 50,000. Therefore CIROS definitely becomes the most authoritative and influential exhibition of robots in China.

Currently robots play an extremely significant role in the new industrial reform being brewed worldwide. Experts believe that robot reform will bring a market worth trillions of dollars. Employing robots in pursuit of upgrading of industries in China and reform of manufacturing mode is an inevitable course for manufacturing in China. CIROS is supposed to and able to take the historical responsibilities of promoting the leaping development of domestic robotics and leading the deepening transform of manufacture in China.

Featured Product

Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

Universal Robots is a result of many years of intensive research in robotics. The product portfolio includes the UR5 and UR10 models that handle payloads of up to 11.3 lbs. and 22.6 lbs. respectively. The six-axis robot arms weigh as little as 40 lbs. with reach capabilities of up to 51 inches. Repeatability of +/- .004" allows quick precision handling of even microscopically small parts. After initial risk assessment, the collaborative Universal Robots can operate alongside human operators without cumbersome and expensive safety guarding. This makes it simple and easy to move the light-weight robot around the production, addressing the needs of agile manufacturing even within small- and medium sized companies regarding automation as costly and complex. If the robots come into contact with an employee, the built-in force control limits the forces at contact, adhering to the current safety requirements on force and torque limitations. Intuitively programmed by non-technical users, the robot arms go from box to operation in less than an hour, and typically pay for themselves within 195 days. Since the first UR robot entered the market in 2009, the company has seen substantial growth with the robotic arms now being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.