The answer to robotics in the corporate sphere, as well as the ultimate target for robotic industry vendors make its debuts at the third edition of RoboBusiness Europe, taking place in Milan (Italy) on April 27-30, 2015

Milan, February 24th, 2015. A 10 year industry scenario on the future of robotics & large corporations by Myria Research will be presented during the Opening Plenary Session at RoboBusiness Europe, the European Conference & Networking event which provides robotics developers and end-users with a place to gather together and work on the essential connection between the development of the industry and the end-users needs.

Myria Research projects that by 2025, over 60% of the Global 1000 companies will include a CRO, for an industry weighting over $1.2T overall (Hardware, Software, Service). Myria further believe that in several more aggressive sectors (esp in manufacturing, logistics/supply chain, energy, agro-farming and healthcare), CROs will hold a similar strategic position as CIOs do (for IT-related questions) in 5 to 8 years from now.

At RoboBusiness Europe current and aspiring Chief Robotics Officers will join the first meeting of the CRO Executive Club, the exclusive gathering of professionals involved in the robotics technology management, with the aim of sharing their vision about what the Chief Robotics Officer role is and will become.

According to Remy Glaisner, CEO and Founder, Myria Research, "The Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS) industry is still in its adolescence: several applications and a few emerging leaders are regularly making headlines, serious projects are underway, but technological creativity will only carry the industry so far. To widely penetrate the enterprise world, robotics needs to be introduced and then exploited from the inside of end-users businesses but RIOS overlap many existing corporate functions: Operations, IT, HR, Finance, et al. and bring financial, transformational and operational challenges. In fact the intricate implications of a broad usage of robotic technologies to support business processes create new specific internal and external accountabilities that must be dealt with consistently... and not spread through the many corporate functions mentioned previously."

This is the reason why Myria Research created a Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) 10 year scenario: the corporate answer to RIOS.

"There is a great satisfaction and pride from our part - commented Gianluigi Ferri, Innovabilitys CEO and RoboBusiness Europe co-organizer together with the Danish partner Blue Ocean Robotics - "The opportunity to host the first CROs Executive Club meeting confirms that RoboBusiness Europe will play more and more a vital role in expanding the robotics business community".

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Piab's Kenos KCS Gripper

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