Kickstarter - RoboCORE has almost reached their goal of raising $50,000 on Kickstarter

With RoboCORE, anyone can build their own personal robot.

Husarion, a Krakow-based technology start-up, has almost reached their goal of raising $50,000 to bring RoboCORE to market. With 4-days to go, RoboCORE has $42,861 pledged at the time of this writing.

With RoboCORE, anyone can build their own personal robot. This Cloud-powered DIY roboticsdevice is for anyone, from the hobbyist to the start-up business, who will now be able to create and design complicated constructions that were previously impossible to build inexpensively without advanced programming skills. RoboCORE is a combination of hardware and software packaged in a sleek, heart-shaped device and all you need are the mechanics and a lot of imagination.

RoboCORE is essentially the brain of your robot. This processor module provides the basic IO required for a robot, eliminating the need for shield of application specific power. RoboCORE will be useful for a variety of business settings and in solving real human problems. The module is also ideal for students and hobbyists, who will now be able to create and design complicated constructions that were previously impossible to build inexpensively, or without advanced programming skills. In addition, RoboCORE is compatible with any mechanics system, including pieces from LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sets.

The small (115x125 mm for the basic version, 82x82 mm for mini) device conceals a number of components with high scaling capabilities. Internal components include the Cortex-M4 core microcontroller, Intel Edison miniature computer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, DC engine ports with encoders, sensor ports, extension modules (for instance, for servomechanisms), a slot for microSD cards, and a microUSB socket. On Kickstarter, Husarion is also presenting the RoboCORE-mini, an even smaller module with basic features for beginners, as well as extensions.

The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at introducing RoboCORE into the mainstream market and to the world. The code will be ultra-simple to use and you can construct your own simple robot in about an hour.

Right now, and for the next 8-days, early birds can get a RoboCORE mini-kit for $59 or the full kit for just $89.

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