Coldwater Machine Company Announces SpinMeld For Friction Welding of Dissimilar Materials

New joining system reduces cycle time and defects as compared to traditional welding techniques and can join a variety of materials, helping companies focused on lightweighting.

Coldwater, Ohio April 23, 2015

Coldwater Machine Company, a leading engineering solutions company that manufactures and integrates precision equipment and tools for multiple industries, has announced its SpinMeld(TM) friction spin welding system developed by the companys Solid State Joining Center. SpinMeld systems are proven to reduce cycle time and defects when compared to traditional welding or joining techniques. Additionally, SpinMeld technology can join steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, carbon fiber composites, ceramics with mixed metal connections, and dissimilar combinations of these materials.

SpinMeld systems rely on rotational friction welding principles and a direct drive approach where a spinning workpiece, driven at a constant speed by an electric motor, is joined to a stationary one by rotational friction and externally applied force. Its an extremely fast process that that produces frictional heat at a sufficient temperature for the materials to reach a plastic state (non-melting or Solid State) at the joint interface. The materials are then forged together by force.

The SpinMeld systems are available as stand-alone vertical or horizontal machines that can be integrated into a work cell or an automated processing line. Each system is designed to fit the individual application with machine parameters such as rotational speeds, cycle times, and forging forces based on the material composition, part configuration and contact surface area of each joint. Rotational speeds are available from 2,000 to 23,000 rpm and forging forces from 335 to 12,000 lbf. The systems can be designed with a maximum weld area of 0.992 in2 (640 mm2).

As a friction welding solution, SpinMeld is an environmentally friendly process that eliminates the need for filler metals, fluxes or shielding gases. It also produces higher quality joints with small heat affected areas and consistency in weld duplication.

Production quality samples for evaluation and testing using your work pieces can be created within our joining center to prove process feasibility. Shafts, valve bodies, pistons, brackets and airbag inflators are just some of the components well-suited for SpinMeld production. Coldwater also offers SpinMeld production services for short run and prototype parts.

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Coldwater Machine Company is a leader in the design, build and integration of specialized equipment for discrete manufacturing with extensive precision-machining capability primarily serving companies in the automotive, aviation, aerospace, appliance and energy industries that are producing products requiring tight tolerances. With over 50 years experience, the companys key competencies include precision machining and assembly, engineering support, design and build of specialized manufacturing equipment, and solid-state welding/joining systems.

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