iRise Unveils Fast Prototyping Service Offering

New service turns ideas and documents into functional software prototypes for large enterprises, small businesses and startups—in 48 hours.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--Business leaders and entrepreneurs struggling to create a software product now have a fast, affordable online service that can turn an innovative idea into a functional prototype within 48 hours.

iRise, whose software helps companies define better applications through the use of rapid prototyping, is now launching a service to turn a rough idea or ambiguous specification document into an interactive, data-driven prototype that can be tested in the cloud with real users.

"Anyone trying to deliver innovative software needs a way to realistically demonstrate the power of their new idea to potential customers, users and even investors," said iRise CEO and Founder Maurice Martin. "Weve greatly reduced the cost and turnaround time needed to move from idea to market validation to development."

To use the iRise Express service, clients—from the smallest startups to business stakeholders in a global enterprise—simply email any available text documents, presentations, screenshots, and photos to

A consultant from iRises team of product definition experts will review the documentation, then contact the client to clarify any ambiguous requirements. The consultant will create an interactive prototype, without code, using the iRise requirements definition and prototyping platform, and then publish it securely to the cloud for review.

For 60 days, changes can be incorporated by the client for free, or by iRise experts for an additional fee.

Once the design is finalized, using iRises code generation capabilities, the prototype can be converted in minutes into functional, stand-alone HTML that can be used as the starting point by the clients development team.

iRise Express:

* accelerates time-to-market for new apps, and thus extends their competitive advantage
* quickly validates ideas and business requirements to ensure the first version of the application is the right version
* lets current and potential users, investors, and employees test-drive an interactive prototype of an envisioned mobile app, web application, or interactive user interface long before development begins
* helps secure budget or investment funding for new initiatives
* allows stakeholders to stay focused on quickly defining the best app, instead of mastering new design and development tools

The iRise Express service is being launched today with the introductory price of $995 for the next 3 months, and is regularly priced at $1,995. See for more information.

About iRise
iRise is a product definition and prototyping solutions company that helps software teams bridge the communication gap between business stakeholders, IT and customers. Adopted by many leading global brands, iRise is the only solution that lets all stakeholders collaborate, adapt and innovate on their vision in real time, to deliver better software faster. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., iRise is backed by Morgan Stanley Venture Partners and Deutsche Bank, and has sales offices across North America and in London. For more information, visit

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