Manufacturing and Automation Technologies Emerge to Transform Processes across Industries

Frost & Sullivan identifies the top ten game-changing technologies in these two sectors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 27, 2015 -- New manufacturing and automation technologies, with both industrial and commercial applications, are making waves in several industries, especially aerospace, industrial, automotive and healthcare. While cost-effective techniques that offer value for money remain prominent, focus has intensified on processes that reduce production times and energy consumption.

Recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, 2015 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (, identifies the following as technologies with the potential to revolutionize industrial practices:

* 3D printing
* multi-material joining technologies
* composites manufacturing
* micro- manufacturing
* nano-manufacturing
* atomic layer deposition
* digital manufacturing
* agile robots
* advanced lithography
* magnetic levitation

Innovations will particularly focus on multi-material joining, lightweighting and low emission processes.

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"Convergence with the Internet of Things is pushing digital manufacturing closer to commercialization and being touted as the future of manufacturing," said TechVision Research Analyst Jithendranath Rabindranath. "3D printing too will gain widespread acceptance in a range of applications."

However, most novel manufacturing technologies must meet the various standards and regulations formulated by government agencies around the globe, which is a costly task. The need to scale up to mass production and the long production times add to the challenge, stalling the adoption of innovative solutions.

"The lack of finances and grants has been another impediment to the extensive deployment of these technologies," observed Rabindranath. "The influx of funds from government agencies such as NASA, Department of Defense and Department of Energy will be critical to set the wheels of large-scale adoption in motion and redefine the roadmap for next-generation manufacturing and automation."

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