DreamHammer DroneOS® to Power Up Enterprise Drones

Beta product now available to enable the enterprise drone market

SAN JOSE, California, November 17 - Drone World Expo - DreamHammer today announced the release of a drone operating system, DroneOS, to include industrial-grade avionics and operator ground control system.

DroneOS is now available in beta release to a limited number of key customers with a full release planned for 2016 to DreamHammers enterprise-customer pipeline. DreamHammer has been providing ground control systems to the world's top drone makers for the past six years.

"In developing our product strategy to address the commercial enterprise drone market," reflected DreamHammer CEO Nelson Paez, "there was an obvious need for equally capable avionics system on the Drone to take advantage of the enormous capability of our ground control system."

DreamHammer leveraged its aerospace teams world class avionics experience for both manned and unmanned aircraft, to design and build DreamHammers DroneOS state-of-the-art autopilot seamlessly integrated with its state-of-the-art ground control system.

"The potential for drones is being stunted -- not by the FAA -- but by the lack of reliability and power of products in the market that are currently available to enterprise customers and their drone operators," said Paez. "Were bridging the tremendous gap in the market with a system that will be priced to make mass adoption of true enterprise-grade drones possible."

Key features of the off-the-shelf system include:

• Solid Reliability -- Built for aerospace requirements with the type of reliability you need to power industrial-grade vehicles. Rugged design to withstand the harsh environments of commercial operations in the air and on the ground. Embedded intelligence featuring self-monitoring capability with consistent and reliable performance for every flight.
• Application Focused -- Designed to be the workhorse for the drone industry, this application platform maximizes the utility of the drone through an integrated development and deployment environment. Developers can provide operators and analysts a wide variety of custom features that can host many applications, interface with multitudes of payloads, house custom algorithms with the processing power to get the job done.
• Ready To Go -- Architected to be the central hub for all communications, payload and applications significantly reducing the integration complexities needed to support commercial operations including training and education, with a common interface for all aircraft types making it easy to use yet extraordinarily powerful.
• Industry Agnostic -- Operator-oriented for utilization for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; agriculture, media, construction, real estate, utilities, first responders, scientific studies and conservation.
• Section 333 Support -- Integrated workflow for efficient compliance for Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 exempted companies.

"You cant handle natural disasters, mining, agriculture, oil and gas pipelines, and the myriad of applications that fulfill the promise of drone technology without a robust, comprehensive solution," Paez said. "It takes a workhorse, and thats the radical innovation DreamHammer has created in conjunction with best of breed partners."

About DreamHammer

DreamHammer is a San Diego-based company that provides a drone operating system for enterprise customers. Since 2009, DreamHammer has been developing and selling the most advanced commercial drone management software platform in the world. Initial customers have been the top aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and their peers who require sophisticated, enterprise-grade, mission critical software to operate the most advanced drone systems on the planet. DreamHammer is now aggressively expanding its customer base and operations into new commercial market sectors needing high precision, high frequency remote sensing data products where it will create immediate value and significant return on investment from the use of drones. For more information, visit www.dreamhammer.com.

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