PASSUR Aerospace Announces the Establishment of Unmanned Aerial System and Drone Traffic Management Integration Service

"PASSUR's platform, historical database, and air traffic expertise have facilitated the introduction and assimilation of new technology in the NAS"

STAMFORD, Conn., Dec 17, 2015 -- PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR), an aviation business intelligence, big data, and software solutions company, announced the establishment of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) - Drone Traffic Management Integration service.

The service is designed to help commercial drone operators become more informed, effective, and collaborative members of the National Airspace System (NAS) by integrating them into PASSUR's aviation intelligence platform, currently used by the main NAS stakeholders (airlines, airports, business aviation, and the FAA).

The new service will help drone operators understand how the commercial airspace operates, including its capabilities and limitations, and ensure that they quickly become connected and informed stakeholders within the aviation community - so that they can appropriately represent their interests with traditional NAS operators and the FAA.

"Today's NAS user community operates every day, collaboratively, on our platform - so we are well positioned to help commercial drone operators integrate into the civilian airspace community and work effectively with other stakeholders," said Leo Prusak, PASSUR's Vice President of Air Traffic Management Products and Strategy. "We believe there is a range of operational and business objectives that need to be balanced to ensure optimal use of limited system capacity."

"PASSUR's platform, historical database, and air traffic expertise have facilitated the introduction and assimilation of new technology in the NAS," said Jim Barry, President & CEO of PASSUR Aerospace. "PASSUR has a 15 year track record of being successful in bridging the needs of disparate stakeholders - and helping them collaborate productively. We believe we can do the same for the emerging commercial drone and UAS sector."

PASSUR's UAS service will provide the following capabilities, among others:

* Operational plan development
* Airspace management services
* Flight and airspace data visualization, fusion, and analytics
* Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
* Air traffic flow management and optimization
* Route planning and irregular operation mitigation
* Congestion avoidance management
* Strategic and tactical mission objectives, coordination, communication, and approval

About PASSUR Aerospace
PASSUR Aerospace is an aviation business intelligence and big data company that provides predictive analytics built on proprietary algorithms and the concurrent integration and simultaneous mining of multiple databases. We believe PASSUR Aerospace is the industry standard in business intelligence dashboards and predictive analytics for aviation organizations. PASSUR Aerospace serves more than 125 airlines worldwide (including the top 5 North American airlines), more than 60 airport customers (including 22 of the top 30 North American airports), and approximately 200 corporate aviation customers, as well as the US government. PASSUR Aerospace's system provides coast-to-coast coverage and is driven by proprietary, patented, business intelligence software, which is powered by a unique company-owned North American network of over 180 passive radar systems, fused with commercially available government tracking information. Other PASSUR Aerospace systems are located outside North America. Supplementary, detailed coverage is also provided at 98 of the top 100 North American airports. Flight tracks are rapidly updated between 1 and 4.6 seconds, thereby making available a system that is user-friendly and useful for decision-making. Visit PASSUR Aerospace's new website at for updated products, solutions, and news.

For more details about the UAS/Drone traffic management integration service, please go to

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