RE2 Robotics 2015 Year in Review: Expanded Product Sales, New Markets, and Management Team

RE2 Robotics, a leading developer of robotic manipulator arms, shared the Company’s year in review for 2015.

PITTSBURGH, PA - January 20, 2016 - RE2 Robotics, a leading developer of robotic manipulator arms, shared the Company's year in review for 2015.

"2015 was an extremely exciting and productive year for RE2 Robotics," stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. "We have sold 425 robotic arms to date and expanded our robotic arm product sales through a partnership with iRobot. We entered the underwater robotics market through two contracts with the U.S. Navy to develop manipulator arms for autonomous underwater vehicles. We are developing new technologies for the assistive healthcare market, including a Robotic Nurse Assistant and a Patient Assist Robotic Arm. And we added Jack Reinhart to our management team - a seasoned product and project management professional."

RE2 Robotics 2015 Year-in-Review Highlights
Product Sales:
• RE2 received an order for $910,000 from iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT) for Small Lightweight Manipulator (SLM) arms. The SLM arms are being integrated onto iRobot's model 110 FirstLook® robots for the US Navy.
• RE2 hit a milestone of 425 robotic arms sold to date.
New Products:
• RE2 announced new highly modular, lightweight, and power-dense robotic arm - DM4-A2. The DM4-A2 is composed of a 4-degree-of-freedom manipulator and a 2-finger gripper. The manipulator and gripper are attached via RE2's End-Effector Interface. The DM4-A2 can be set up to be either AEODRS-compliant or IOP-compliant.
Emerging Markets:
• Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: RE2 won two contracts with the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research to develop robotic manipulator arms for underwater EOD operations.
• RE2 was awarded a $2.7 Million contract to develop an underwater Dexterous Manipulation System for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Applications (DMEA).
• RE2 received a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to design inflatable underwater manipulator arms for autonomous underwater vehicles.
• Assistive Healthcare:
• RE2 is developing a robotic casualty extraction system, called Lifeline, for the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) to develop automated robotic technology to assist combat medics in the field.
• RE2 is collaborating with Dr. Dan Popa to design an Adaptive Robotic Nurse Assistant for the National Science Foundation (NSF).
• RE2 continues to work with the University of Pittsburgh and the Veterans' Administration to develop a Patient Assist Robotic Arm.
Management Team:
• RE2 announced that the Company has hired Jack Reinhart as the Director of Product and Project Management. In this role, Reinhart will guide the management of RE2's products and R&D projects.
Pedersen continued, "I am optimistic that 2016 will be an equally positive and productive year for RE2 Robotics."

About RE2 Robotics
RE2 Robotics is developing the next generation of robotic manipulator arms, intuitive controllers, and software that enable your robot to better interact with the world - whether on the ground, in the air, or underwater. For more information, please visit or call 412.681.6382.

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