ABB introduces the IRBT 2005, a flexible and compact medium track motion platform for both robot and transfer applications

Designed to accommodate rapid product changes, the new track provides greater accuracy and up to 50% shorter cycle times.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (January 26, 2016) - ABB has introduced the IRBT 2005, a flexible, compact and modular medium track motion platform for both robots and transfer applications. It is designed to accommodate rapid product changes in applications that require an extended working range and high degrees of speed and accuracy, including arc welding, material handling, machine tending, and sealing and dispensing.

The IRBT 2005 is available with up to two carriages as a robot track, with additional carriage plates available to carry any necessary process equipment, and up to three carriages as a transfer track. The modular design is comprised of one-meter lengths that can be connected to form a track between two and 21 meters, allowing it to easily be adapted to different applications and evolve with changing production needs.

The ABB IRC5 controller runs the robots and the IRBT 2005 together as one dynamic model, with the proprietary QuickMove™ and TrueMove™ functionalities providing fast acceleration and precise path accuracy in any given track configuration. It is the only track motion platform on the market to guarantee high speed and precision accuracy, providing greater flexibility and up to 50% shorter cycle times.

"The IRBT 2005 is designed specifically for our medium family of robots, with features that allow it to be customized for a wide range of applications. For arc welding, as an example, there are standard options for the welding wire and power source to be easily mounted on dedicated carriage plates, and protective coverings for welding cables and other dressing components," said John Bubnikovich, vice president, sales and marketing, ABB Robotics North America. "And the tracks mechanicals have been completely integrated to ensure their protection and keep maintenance to a minimum."

Adaptable to various environments, the IRBT 2005 is available in two variants, standard with covers on the rails and rack only and fully covered. It is designed to accommodate the following ABB medium robot families: IRB 1520, IRB 1600, IRB 2600 and IRB 4600. The system can also be combined with other accessories such as part positioners,

With a maximum payload of 1200 kg (2,640 lbs.), the IRBT 2005 transfer version is ideal for applications such as indexing different fixtures into an automation cell, and transferring materials, like car bodies between different working stations.

ABB IRBT 2005 Intro Video.

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