blacksands Introduces New Industrial IoT Technology that Ends the War Between Manufacturing, Engineering and IT

blacksands’ new Industrial IoT technology is providing the end to the Network Connectivity War between engineering, manufacturing and IT. Finally, a Network Connectivity Solution that provides simplicity instead of complexity, security instead of uncertainty, and flexibility instead of bureaucracy.

blacksands' inc. is excited to be releasing a new, cutting edge, Industrial IoT technology which provides the end to the Network Connectivity War between Engineering, Manufacturing and IT. blacksands' Network Connectivity Solution offers simplicity instead of complexity, security instead of uncertainty, and flexibility instead of bureaucracy.

blacksands' provides Dynamic Authentication, Dynamic Authorization, and Dynamic Routing, while maintaining an Invisible Network Edge. blacksands' connectivity offers real-time control based on geography, customers, engineering, regulations, and vendor needs. blacksands is the only network security solution that has the security and flexibility to meet the constantly changing global connectivity needs of modern Industrial IoT.

Access to data and controls in today's Industrial IoT environments is the difference between success and failure. However, due to vulnerable, complex, and often costly network security solutions; vital data cannot be accessed effectively or efficiently.

blacksands solves two critical needs:
➢ For IT - visibility, security, control:
blacksands gives Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection while maintaining an Invisible Edge to the rest of the world.
➢ For Engineering and Manufacturing - connectivity, simplicity, flexibility:
blacksands provides instant connections, highly flexible configurations, and a simple interface.
IT has a legitimate concern. Their job is to keep the network and systems running and safe. However, current network technologies cannot guarantee who is on the network, where he/she has gone, and what he/she has accessed. Furthermore, current technologies have proven to be vulnerable especially with their inherent complexity. If something is configured incorrectly the entire system is, not only open to corruption, but in an industrial setting, potentially dangerous. Therefore, IT is prudent to keep these systems disconnected from the rest of the world.

Engineering also has a legitimate concern. Their job is to solve problems and get the product to market on time. Again, current technologies have failed. Because of the inherent vulnerabilities and complexity, engineering, often cannot connect to the needed infrastructure for repair, maintenance, updates, or data collection. If a connection is made with current technology it comes with significant layers of bureaucracy and is unable to adjust with the dynamic nature of the problems and solutions. Therefore, engineering is prudent to find alternative means of connecting.

Too often, because of these divergent missions and inadequate technology, battles are waged between IT and Manufacturing / Engineering.

blacksands ends the Industrial IoT war and increases productivity:
--Critical Robotics Systems :
Robot goes down. Through blacksands - IT creates immediate, controlled, secure access from vendor to specific system. No other system is revealed. Vendor solves problem. IT immediately shuts down vendor access. No travel required. Down time reduced. Production re-established. Engineering thrilled. IT is the hero.

--Highly Secure Manufacturing:
DoD General requires real-time data and high level of security. Through blacksands - IT creates immediate, dynamic, secure connection from General to secure system. Foreign evil entity attempts to hack system. IT maintains the Invisible edge. Evil entity frustrated. General happy. Engineering thrilled. IT is the hero.

--High Tech Testing:
3 test labs on 3 continents run same test. Through blacksands - IT creates immediate, dynamic, secure connection from Engineering and Customer to test equipment. Engineering calibrates each unit in real-time. Customer observes each test simultaneously. Data synchronized. Productivity increased. Customer happy. Engineering thrilled. IT is the hero.
Today's Industrial IoT Environments typically use either a VPN or make no connection to the outside world at all. VPN architectures are difficult to use, expensive, and cannot provide absolute knowledge of who is connected to what.

Unlike current, broken security solutions that connect to the entire world and attempt to filter out the bad guys, blacksands' dynamic architecture is Invisible except to those who have legitimate access to the industrial system. In other words, blacksands will never allow a connection to be made from an unknown entity. This provides unparalleled security. Furthermore, blacksands' architecture allows for rapid changes to be made in connections as well as network architecture. This provides unparalleled access and flexibility.

Will critical industrial data and productivity remain at the mercy of current, complex, costly, and consistently ineffective technology?

This week blacksands announced its revolutionary Industrial IoT Network Connectivity Solution and is currently accepting a limited number of development projects with leading manufacturers.
Bringing freedom to the connected world by providing Invisibility and Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection.

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