Drones That Follow You Around Are The Feature of Drones, Data X Conference in San Francisco

Drones, Data X Conference in San Francisco June 3rd focuses on the merging of big data, computer vision, machine learning and drones for Industry.

Drones are already changing the face of how business is managing data, but the latest crop of drones will make it even easier for companies to automate tasks that were previously unsafe for humans, or very expensive. Now in the 3rd year, the Drones Data X Conference aims to help large companies to learn how they can utilize drones in their business. The event focuses on drones in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, as well as in construction, mining and exploration. This conference brings the best of commercial drones together and explores how drones are going to change the world, for good.

The Drone Data X Conference has a line-up of speakers that includes:
Remi El-Ouzanne, CEO of Movidius. Movidius makes a chip that helps drones to 'see'
Christian Sanz, CEO of Skycatch - the company making construction faster by helping to introduce driverless bulldozers directed by drones a viable option for an industry facing skill shortages around the globe.
Tobin Fisher, CEO of Vantage Robotics, a new drone that makes it simple to fly, and very hard to get injured.
JoeBen Beverit, Joby Aviation - a visionary who wants to end the domination of the car, and transport commuters in a personal drone.
Philip McNamara, Founder of DDX Conference and VP of Sales for Voxpro said, "In the past couple of years, drones have really improved, such that mainstream companies are now using them in everyday situations, from inspecting masts to surveying crops. This is a $2B industry, and it's growing faster that most people imagined. Companies like DJI are innovating faster than most and are creating drones that can lock on to someone and follow them around."
Drones Data X kicks off with the main conference on June 3rd in the marina in San Francisco. Leading global players and entrepreneurs specializing in drone technology will share their insights at Drone Data X - a conference and expo which culminates in a VIP weekend from June 4th and 5th in Santa Cruz. Invited delegates will also have unparalleled, direct access to CEOs, investors and leading thinkers in the drone industry in a structured weekend of action sports and networking in the spectacular setting of Santa Cruz.The exclusive sports and networking weekend is June 4th and 5th.
Spaces for the weekend event are extremely limited so book early to secure your place and tickets for the conference and exhibition are also selling fast. Find out more details and book tickets online at http://www.nua.io.
Notes to editors
For any press queries relating to this event please contact Philip McNamara +1510 684 7750 phil(at)nua(dot)io or Suzanne Jordan +14156599529 suzanne(at)nua(dot)io.

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