Integro Technologies Reaches Milestone of 15 Years

Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision integrator, is now in its 15th year.

Integro Technologies, a leading machine vision integrator, is now in its 15th year.

Thomas Campion, the founder and CEO of Integro Technologies, filed as a corporation on January 1, 2001 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Then, it was a one-man machine vision shop. Today, Integro Technologies has grown to 44 employees, with its headquarters in Historic Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina and 5 additional sales offices in VA, MD, IN, TN, and SC.

"I knew that Integro had the potential to serve a need in the machine vision industry. I knew that the company would grow to be successful," said Thomas, "But, I never imagined what Integro would become 15 years later."

As the company grew, so did their customer-base. Integro served key accounts with Procter & Gamble, RJ Reynolds, Toyota, Gatorade, and many others. The company was inspecting automotive parts, computer parts, packaging, consumer products and more.

"Starting out with any small business poses numerous challenges. I came on board in 2005 and have worn multiple hats through the explosive growth of our company. In the beginning, we did our own sales, engineering designs, assembly, programming, and installations. Now we have a team of individuals that are second-to-none, performing each of these tasks. I can't wait to see what the next 15 years brings for Integro!" said Starke Farley, Sr. Sales Engineer and partner at Integro Technologies.

"We continue to operate on a ‘few good people' motto. Transitioning from 3 to 44 employees may seem trivial to some people in the commodity product or service industry. But every project we do is unique and requires highly-specific, custom engineering," said Shawn Campion, President of Integro.

Integro holds partnership agreements some of the world leaders in vision technology including Cognex, Keyence, Omron, KUKA Robotics, Yamaha Robotics, Mitsubishi Electric, ifm efector, Moritex, CCS America, MVTec, Matrox, Edmund Optics, Opto-Engineering, Smart Vision Lights, and more.

They were also among the first companies to become a certified integrator with the Advanced Imaging Association (AIA).

Integro prides itself on its relationships with their many vendors, suppliers, and customers. Integro is most well-known in the industry for innovation, dependability, flexibility, and expertise.

"The company is poised to make a series of major leaps in technology, customer-base, staff, expansion, and revenue. With the infrastructure, engineering talent, and management in place, we will be very aggressive driving into the future of machine vision and quality inspection," said Shawn.

Integro is on a trajectory to have 60 employees by the end of 2016.

For more information about Integro Technologies, visit their website at

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