Bell and Howell Signs on as Tech Sponsor of Robolliance

Will contribute to development and awareness of unmanned ground vehicles

Durham, N.C., May 27, 2016 - As a leading provider of technology solutions and services for communications, commerce and industrial automation, Bell and Howell has signed on as a technology sponsor of Robolliance. Founded by Sharp Electronics Corporation, Robolliance is a forum for technology organizations and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of autonomous robotic solutions.

As a founding member and technology sponsor, Bell and Howell will contribute its expertise in the installation and maintenance of sophisticated mechatronics systems to the creation and deployment of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Through its sponsorship, Bell and Howell will join other leaders in the UGV ecosystem for technology collaboration and to raise awareness of the nascent industry.

Throughout its history, Bell and Howell has introduced numerous breakthrough technologies from mail sortation and production automation to intelligent lockers for parcel delivery. Its service organization is among the most sophisticated in the world for production workflow, automation and industrial mechatronics. As an early example of its ability to successfully service and support UGVs, the company is currently engaged in a service and installation partnership program with Savioke for its Relay hospitality robots.

"As a leading provider of mechatronics services and support, Bell and Howell brings over 100 years of expertise and experience to the Robolliance program," stated Cliff Quiroga, president and deputy general manager of the Sharp Robotics Business Development (SRBD) division. "Sharp is excited to welcome Bell and Howell as a fellow sponsor of Robolliance. Our SRBD research indicates that product reliability and high-quality service are critical to a successful robotics initiative. Bell and Howell is uniquely positioned to deliver on that necessary support for organizations looking to introduce robotics as a security solution."

"We look forward to partnering with Sharp and the other Robolliance sponsors to drive innovations that will make UGVs more versatile and widely adopted," said Bell and Howell CEO Ramesh Ratan. "We are in the early phases of game-changing technology advancements that transform classic artificial intelligence into augmented intelligence, leveraging the interplay between human intuition and mechatronics technology in what we call ‘the Internet of people and things.' In the case of Robolliance, these advances help increase the effectiveness and safety of those providing protection to industrial facilities and critical infrastructures."

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