Control System Integrator Patti Engineering Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Patti Engineering thanks partners, employees and customers in celebration of a quarter century of providing innovative control system integration solutions for industrial automation, production intelligence and shop floor IT solutions

Patti Engineering, Inc., a leading control system integration company based in Auburn Hills, MI with offices in Texas, Indiana and Tennessee, celebrates its 25-year anniversary today. Patti Engineering was founded on June 3, 1991 by the companys CEO, Sam Hoff. His wife and companys namesake, Patti Hoff, joined her husband shortly after and now serves as the companys CFO.

"We are very grateful to those who have supported us and grown with us over the years. Much of our success can be credited to great industry partnerships, talented and dedicated employees, and a loyal client base," said Sam Hoff. "This is an exciting time for industrial automation. We are investing in continuous training of our engineers and are committed to being on the forefront of digital factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives."
In addition to Sam and Patti Hoff, the Patti Engineering team is led by key executives Dave Foster, Vice President of Engineering who joined Patti Engineering in 1995, and Steve Palmgren, Vice President of Texas Operations, who joined Patti Engineering in 2001.
Over the past 25 years, Patti Engineering has built a reputation as a leader in control system integration. Serving as a trusted advisor to clients, Patti Engineerings expertise in connecting floor-level controls and front office IT business systems for actionable real-time data collection has enabled clients to keep facilities running at peak efficiency with maximum output and quality results.
"Congratulations to Patti Engineering for 25 years of success! Siemens is proud and appreciative of Patti Engineering being a Siemens Solution Partner," said Siemens National Industrial Partner Manager, Peter Treible. "Patti Engineering is a leader in the certification of their engineers on Siemens technology, backed up with application know-how and project management skills. Each year, Patti Engineering continues to demonstrate that they are a company which Siemens, and the end users of Siemens technology, can depend upon, to deliver high quality engineering services. Whether the application is in the automotive industry, an oil & gas application, or some other demanding application that requires automation and enterprise digitalization expertise, Siemens can always trust that Patti Engineering will deliver success."
The company has a proven track record of delivering successful results across a range of industries. Customer satisfaction and project success earned the company Control Engineering Magazines ‘2013 System Integrator of the Year, and placement in the Control Engineering Magazines Hall of Fame.
Patti Engineering is a CSIA Certified control system integrator and a recognized partner to many automation technology companies. Patti Engineering is a Siemens Solution Partner and an Authorized Mitsubishi Integrator, in addition to being in the integrator programs for FANUC Robotics, Phoenix Contact, Kawasaki Robotics and Indusoft.
About Patti Engineering, Inc.
Patti Engineering, Inc. is a CSIA Certified control systems integration company offering high-caliber engineering and software development services. Patti Engineerings technical expertise in electrical control and information systems provides turnkey control systems integration for design/build, upgrade/retrofit and asset/energy management projects. Industrial automation, production intelligence and shop floor IT solutions services include: project management, electrical engineering, hardware design, hardware procurement, software development, installation, calibration, start-up testing, verification, documentation, training and warranty support. Customer satisfaction and project success earned the company placement in the Control Engineering Magazines Hall of Fame. For more information, visit

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