Easy Aerial Launches GlobalARC, World’s First Command Center For Drones in the Cloud With Built-In Air Traffic Control

Easy Aerial Inc. announces the launch of world’s first unlimited distance drone deployment and management system with built-in air traffic control and real-time video and data feed.

Easy Aerial Inc. announces the launch of world's first unlimited distance drone deployment and management system with built-in air traffic control and real-time video and data feed.

GlobalARC allows companies to quickly scale their drone operations across geographies by offering a centralized platform for flight planning, team and project management and real-time drone deployment with data and video feedback to unlimited distances.
For the first time there is a cloud based platform that makes it possible to deploy and manage civilian drones that could be located on the other side of the planet. Embedded in GlobalARC interface is a first person view with sensor readings from any connected UAV as long as they are online. It is also possible to track and manage multiple vehicles at the same time on the map.
The team spent a lot of time developing an easy to use project management solution for companies and pilots using UAV's for commercial applications. Their cloud based platform named Global Autonomous Robot Communication system (or Global ARC - http://www.globalarc.us) provides a comprehensive business tool for drone project management that has an added benefit of real-time fleet tracking and live video feed from vehicles to unlimited distances.
Their cloud platform launched worldwide and it is open to all drone pilots including recreational users and hobbyists in an effort to automate air traffic compliance and reporting for all participants in the airspace. GlobalARC's "Free" tier provides anyone who wants to fly with a quick and easy way to plan and manage their flights and stream live video from their drones. Global ARC platform contains air traffic and zoning maps that are updated dynamically and can alert all participants of the potential risks and temporary flight restrictions. (Here is a quick overview of features - https://youtu.be/WSV6oZPIqYQ)
What Easy Aerial aims to achieve with GlobalARC platform is to make it easy for anyone flying a UAV to comply with the law and airspace rules while providing a comprehensive business management tool for commercial drone operators. Their goal is to become the ultimate low altitude airspace compliance platform for all pilots, recreational and commercial.
"What we are really doing here is redefining the word - remote - in Remote Control. Our platform enables a worldwide network of connected vehicles that can be controlled from one secure portal. As soon as you turn it on your drone will appear on the grid." - says Ivan Stamatovski, founder of Easy Aerial.
"Our business model involves connecting customers who need UAV filming services with pilots who provide those professional services. It is a process that requires a lot of planning and preparation ahead of deployment. We have not yet seen a platform like GlobalARC that brings together resource management aspect with airspace compliance and real-time video streaming. We believe that it will be a huge hit with our commercial drone pilots as it will elevate every aspect of the planning process and give customers a new dimension of interactivity." - says Bassam Rhou, Flystro.com cofounder and CEO.
GlobalARC is also a unique air traffic control network for unmanned aerial vehicles in addition to being a great project management and monitoring tool. The differentiating factor is that Easy Aerial patented technology has the potential to work with any drone and any autopilot on the market. All you have to do is download their android app onto a spare cell phone, attach it to any drone anywhere in the world and it will be under your direct control with live video and data feedback. Easy Aerial will be offering their own communication hardware before the end of the year.
Future potential of GlobalARC technology is enormous, as it will enable completely autonomous UAV operations from unlimited distance with a command center in the cloud. Companies will be able to deploy and manage self-charging, autonomous drones anywhere on the planet and receive live video and real-time data. Imagine completely autonomous drones in agriculture, search and rescue or inspection industries that can be routinely deployed from company offices half a world away to provide crucial data on regular bases. GlobalARC is exactly the kind of tool to be powering these operations of the future.

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