Arbe Robotics Wins TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off With Its Drone Collision Avoidance Technology

TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off marks the first public unveiling of Arbe Robotics’ radar and operating system for drone collision avoidance. With this win, Arbe Robotics is officially proclaimed as one of the top innovators in the drone industry

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arbe Robotics ( has been selected by TechCrunch's panel of investors and judges as the winner of the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off after unveiling its drone collision avoidance technology. With its win, Arbe Robotics is officially proclaimed as one of the front-runners in drone innovation, specifically in relation to collision avoidance.

Arbe Robotics is pioneering the use of a trusted technology, radar, in an emerging market, drones. The current field of collision avoidance is dominated by antiquated technology, technology that specifically slows down a drone's flying speed while simultaneously draining a drone's battery. Arbe Robotics's solution focuses not only on protecting drones from all oncoming objects encircling the drone, but protects the two things that make drones fun, speed and length of fly time.

The TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off marks the first public unveiling of Arbe Robotics' technology. By developing a radar and operating system for drones, Arbe Robotics has built a more economic and battery efficient collision avoidance technology that also has an unprecedented range of up to 200 meters. Arbe Robotics' solution includes both a hardware and a software component; hardware that exists as an easily mountable band, in addition to anti-collision autopilot software that provides individual drone navigation that ultimately detects upcoming obstacles. Overall, any oncoming obstacle that is one meter or larger in size can be detected from up to 200 meters away, providing a far better solution than any collision avoidance technology that is currently available in the market.

Following its launch in November 2015, Arbe Robotics has quickly grown and developed into a leading radar solution that is a more economic, reliable, and battery efficient drone detection system. "It has been a true honor to be included in the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off, and to be selected as the winner in the competition," said Kobi Marenko, co-founder and CEO of Arbe Robotics. "This recognition reflects the unique contribution our drone attachment can make in the UAV market, and acknowledges the fact that we are challenging one of the main issues regarding drones today, the danger of collision."

About Arbe Robotics: Arbe Robotics was founded in November 2015 by three cofounders, Kobi Marenko (CEO), Noam Arkind (CTO), and Oz Fixman (COO). Now, with a team of ten individuals, Arbe Robotics is in the midst of building a global leading solution for collision avoidance, one of the leading issues with drones today. Arbe Robotics has received funding from Canaan Partners Israel, Taya Ventures, and Kobi Marenko.

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