APEM, Inc. Introduces PC Series Game Style Pendant Controller

APEM’s new PC Series was developed to provide a control method that is intuitive and easy to adapt to. Modeled from consumer video game controllers, the familiar design reduces the operator “learning cycle” and quickly increases efficiency and productivity.

New Handheld Device Provides an Immersive and Intuitive method of control

APEM, Inc.'s PC Series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller. This new handheld device easily accommodates APEM's TS Series miniature proportional joystick and provides either analog voltage or USB output. The PC Series is ideal for controlling unmanned vehicles, robotics and other remote controlled applications.

APEM's new PC Series was developed to provide a control method that is intuitive and easy to adapt to. Modeled from consumer video game controllers, the familiar design reduces the operator "learning cycle" and quickly increases efficiency and productivity.
The PC Series is molded with high-impact, glass filled nylon and features a modular design to provide OEM's the ability to configure the device as needed. Standard, off-the-shelf configurations can be specified with miniature
Hall effect joysticks, snap action pushbuttons and USB interface. Future configuration options will include wireless communications as well as haptic feedback.

The PC Series may be environmentally sealed up to IP67, making it suitable for use in the harshest of conditions.
When configured with complementary components, the PC Series is buoyant making it an ideal choice for marine watercraft applications.

As standard, the PC Series provides USB 1.1 interface and integrates seamlessly with software applications supporting USB joystick or mouse inputs via Microsoft DirectX. No device driver or manufacture specific SDK is required, the PC Series is recognized as either a HID compliant "game controller" joystick or as a standard mouse or cursor control device.

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