Kyntrol Introduces New Technology Actuators that Provide High Force in a Compact Package

Kyntrol's new Electro-Hydraulic Actuators use hydraulic technology coupled with electric servo accuracy to deliver a standalone, compact package that is reliable, simple to set up and customizable to the application's motion control needs. The compact design moves up to 20,000 pounds with repeatable positioning to 0.001 of an inch.

Kyntrol's new stand-alone Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) accurately moves forces up to 20,000 pounds (90kN) within a compact space envelope. Using a self-contained package with a built-in pump, motor, cylinder, and valving, the system simplifies setup, eliminates costly infrastructure and reduces downtime.

The Kyntrol EHA design prevents fluid escape, making it industrially rugged and suitable for clean environments. The EHA systems provide an alternative to hydraulic cylinders and electro-mechanical actuators, and are ideal for application in mobile equipment, industrial machinery, oil and gas, medical, military, energy, construction and more.
According to company president Wayne Foley, "The Kyntrol EHA can be used as a replacement for a hydraulic cylinder or alternative to an electro-mechanical actuator because of its ability to produce high forces and operate in a very precise manner."
Designed for OEMs and end-users, Kyntrol EHA systems feature:
High efficiency by tapping the power of hydraulic conversion
Brushless servo motor / control driven for precise control of position, speed or force
High force output in a small package
Precise and repeatable motion control
Holds position without a brake
Quiet yet robust
Environmentally safe with leak-prevention design
Customizable for the customer's application
Simple setup and integration with common networks, including CanBus, Ethernet, Modbus and others
Accepts a range of input voltages (AC and DC)
More information, including a video and online product configurator, are featured on the Kyntrol website.
About Kyntrol
Kyntrol actuation and motion control experts offer extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets. The company employs the latest technologies and engineered actuation systems that best fit the needs of OEM and end-user customers.
Kyntrol provides drop-in replacements, custom engineered actuation products and full systems. Kyntrol was established in 2010, and the name is derived from the words "kinetics" and "control." The company is dedicated to providing the best actuation solutions for their customers' products and processes.
The company's experienced staff includes engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical/controls, hydraulics and software. Kyntrol applies a Continuous Improvement Culture, searching for ways to enhance products and services so that customers can be more competitive, efficient and profitable.
Kyntrol engineers are ready to help at or 440.220.5990.

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