Liquid Robotics and Hydro Systems Development Delivers Japan's First Long-Term Ocean Observation Network

Fleet of Wave Gliders Delivered to the Japan Coast Guard for a Multi-Year, Environmental Mission

SUNNYVALE, CA, August 3, 2016 - Liquid Robotics®, the leader in long-duration, unmanned ocean robots, and their Japanese partner, Hydro Systems Development (HSD), have successfully delivered the first fleet of Wave Gliders® to the Japan Coast Guard. Liquid Robotics and HSD will assist the Japan Coast Guard in deploying eight Wave Gliders for a multi-year mission providing autonomous observation and situational awareness of ocean currents, wave activity, and weather along Japans coastlines. This is the first ocean observation network in Japans history that will provide comprehensive and economical monitoring of Japans ocean conditions.

Wave Gliders are long-duration, environmentally friendly ocean robots that collect and communicate real-time ocean data without using fuel. This is the largest fleet deployment of Wave Gliders in Japan. Data collected by the fleet of Wave Gliders will provide real-time information for the Japan Coast Guards operational use. Missions by four of the JCG Regional Branches are planned imminently.

"It is an honor to assist the Japan Coast Guard with helping protect their coastal environments and populations against natural emergencies and to enhance their understanding of their coastal seas," said Gary Gysin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Robotics. "Together with HSD, we will partner to bring real-time, actionable intelligence to help the Japan Coast Guard safeguard their seas."

With support from Liquid Robotics, HSD has led customer missions ranging from typhoon tracking, to tsunami detection, to general oceanographic studies using Wave Gliders. The Wave Glider returned excellent results and recorded long-term, time-series data information that was not possible with ships. This data has led to a better understanding of the environmental conditions in and around Japan with improved national-level safety and disaster resilience.

"Hydro Systems Development is excited to support the Japan Coast Guard in their efforts to better monitor Japans ocean environment and ensure the safety of those in and around the sea," said Takashi Kitsuda, President of Hydro Systems Development. "We are grateful for the support from Liquid Robotics and know that the Wave Glider presents a game-changing technology for the ocean environment and for the Japan Coast Guard."

About Liquid Robotics:
Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures Wave Gliders, the first wave and solar-powered unmanned ocean robots. With our partners we address many of the planets greatest challenges, by transforming how to assess, monitor, and protect the ocean. We solve critical problems for defense, commercial, and science customers. Visit to learn more.

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About Hydro Systems Development (HSD):
Hydro Systems Development develops and integrates underwater sensing systems for both the marine and in-land water sectors. They proudly support national hydrographic/oceanographic institutes, universities, governmental authorities, and many other private companies as their customers. The Company is passionate about adopting state-of-the-art technologies from around the world for the Japanese domestic oceanographic instrument market ecosystem. Visit us at or contact us at

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