The New @Festo Semi-Rotary Drive is Designed for Fast Installation and Long Life

This new DRVS pneumatic drive features a sealed housing to keep dust and debris out of the bushings, while the matched SRBS position sensor is unlike anything in a semi-rotary drive application in terms of fast set up, easy use, flexibility, and repeatability.

Festo introduces today a new pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive and matched contactless position sensor that transforms a relatively simple and low cost drive into a solution that lowers engineering and inventory overhead, is fast and easy to install, and delivers long service life due to its sealed housing.

Standard swivel angles for the DRVS semi-rotary drive are 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Custom swivel angles are possible with a stop bracket accessory. At six bar pressure, the seven different sizes in the DRVS line deliver a torque range of .15 Nm to 20 Nm. Festo sizing software makes ordering the optimum unit for the application fast and accurate. The company guarantees overnight shipping for standard DRVS drives, which lowers inventory requirements for OEMs and assures end use customers fast delivery of replacement parts.

The SRBS ̶ a unique position sensor for a semi-rotary drive

The SRBS, a compact, contactless magnetic position sensor, attaches to the DRVS via a single cable and three screws. During installation, personnel simply move the vane to the drives two positions and with a few clicks of the SRBS push button both positions are located for the position sensing unit. Repetition accuracy is < .0039 inches (.1 mm). Through its push button, the SRBS position sensor can be designated PNP or NPN and NO or NC, which means that one part number covers all the different combinations.

"Festo is fundamentally reshaping its product lines to engineer end-to-end productivity for customers," said Mike Guelker, Festo Product Manager. "Customers are going to like the fast, accurate ordering, delivery, and installation of the DRVS and the flexibility, ease of use, and accuracy of the SRBS."

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