U.T.SEC – Unmanned Technologies & Security: Ready for take-off!

• New trade fair and conference in Nuremberg Exhibition Center • Premiere: 2 – 3 March 2017 • Partner UAV DACH e.V.

The U.T.SEC, Unmanned Technologies & Security - Expo & Conference, which is to be held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre on 2 - 3 March 2017, is the first trade fair devoted to every aspect of drones. The event will focus on the technical possibilities for increasing security through the deployment of unmanned systems in the civil, industrial and state sectors but also on protecting against their unwanted use. About 80 exhibitors are expected at the premiere in Hall 12 of the exhibition venue. The event is being organised by NürnbergMesse.

Whether deployed for monitoring, control and inspection of traffic, infrastructure or industrial and power industry plant, or in service with police forces, fire service, civil protection or other rescue services, unmanned systems provide a comparatively cheap and easy way to get an overall picture in terrain which is difficult to access while offering new perspectives in the truest sense. At the same time, though, the growing number of possible applications also raises new questions with regard to such aspects as factory and operational safety, no-fly zones and flight restricted zones of, for example, airports, football stadiums or facilities and installations in the automotive industry, as well as protection of the private sphere. The U.T.SEC Expo and Conference in Nuremberg will deal with these aspects taking an all-round view and come up with solutions. The U.T.SEC thus supplements NürnbergMesse's portfolio of security trade fairs with expansion into another segment with great prospects for the future.

The exhibition includes manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, land vehicles and water craft, equipment such as video, thermal and IR cameras and radar systems, as well as jamming equipment for drone defence. In addition, associations, public authorities and technical media will be providing information about legal and insurance questions. The U.T.SEC is aimed first and foremost at trade visitors from the areas of public safety, rescue services, industry, the energy sector and forestry as well as industrial safety and plant protection.

You can always find the latest information about the new exhibition online at: www.utsec.de

Partner with expertise: UAV DACH e.V. - the German speaking association for unmanned aviation
UAV DACH e.V. is the biggest German speaking association for unmanned aviation in Europe. Its more than 140 renowned members are involved in the fields of research, manufacturing and operation of UAVs. UAV DACH e.V. represents the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, it also is the leading institution for the development of standards, rules and regulations on a national and international level by using its expertise and contacts to the economy and politics.

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BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

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