SWaP Old VME Power Supplies For New Power-Packed Models

Announcing our new power supplies for VME embedded systems in industrial and military markets.

The SWaP-optimized VME650-series power supplies were released this week from Aegis Power Systems, Inc. to immediately replace previous models -- giving VME bus application developers in military and industrial markets more power while maintaining competitive pricing.

The new VME power supply units (PSU) are high density power supplies for devices employing the standard 6U form factor. The latest models from Aegis Power Systems, Inc. now pack the most power output of any DC-DC VME converter on the market.

By optimizing thermal management, the VME650 and VME650A offer significant improvements over previous models. "Various SWaP (size, weight, and power) initiatives across many markets drove the decision to offer more advanced VME power cards for our customers," says senior engineer Matt Van Steen about the new Aegis Power Systems' design. "We're very pleased with the cost-effective results we achieved while significantly increasing maximum power output to 650W."

Both units are pluggable power supply solutions with four outputs for a total of 650 watts. The VME650 and VME650A have keyed connectors which provide keying options when using multiple power supplies in one VME bus chassis. The primary differences between the two PSUs are cooling method, slot size, and weight. The VME650 is single-slot and conduction cooled via wedgelocks, while the VME650A is two-slot and air cooled.

The VME650 and VME650A are drop-in replacements for the existing VME550 and VME550A power cards, allowing customers to conveniently replace older units with the new power-packed modules for the same price.

A data sheet with specifications and request for quote form for the VME650 and VME650A power supplies can be obtained by visiting: http://aegispower.com/index.php/217-swap-vme-power-supplies

About Aegis Power Systems, Inc.:
Aegis Power Systems, Inc. has been developing and manufacturing rugged and reliable power supplies for over 20 years. Our high-quality power electronics can be found in a wide range of applications including defense systems, industrial automation equipment, embedded technology, and more. Our complete line of custom and standard power supply units are proudly made in the USA.

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