HIT Robot Group to Attend 2016 WRC, Bringing its Latest Nano-Robotic Manipulation System to the Stage

Through years of research, HIT Robot Group made a breakthrough in integrating position sensors to nanomanipulating systems in a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) vacuum environment.

BEIJING, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading robot producer HIT Robot Group (HRG) is to showcase its latest Nanomanipulation System at the 2016 World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing from October 20-25. Since its debut last year, HRG's cutting-edge Nano-Robotic Manipulation System has received wide attention for the possibilities it opens up regarding manipulation of materials on a nano level.

Through years of research, HIT Robot Group made a breakthrough in integrating position sensors to nanomanipulating systems in a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) vacuum environment. This enabled its Nanomanipulation System to achieve better agility and accuracy with the world's highest automation and integration degree. By overcoming this hurdle, the company made commercialization of nanorobotics possible and thereby brought the system to the top of its field.

With this advanced technology, applications of nanomanipulation go far beyond medical care. Take new nanomaterials for example; with HRG's Nanomanipulation System researchers are now able to fetch, move, and even assemble nano materials, thus making testing on new nanomaterials much easier and more accurate.

"We see vast opportunities in nanomanipulation, especially in areas that improve people's wellbeing and truly enhance productivity in society," said Zhu Lei, vice-president of HRG. "Imagine the System as a nano-hand, as agile as the hand of a human being, only it can operate on a nanometer scale that is 50,000 times finer than a single hair."

"By virtue of the expanding Nanomanipulation System family and its competitive edge in R&D, HRG envisions to be a global leader in precision instruments and robotics," he added.

Leveraging the rich research experience backboned by Harbin Institute of Technology and the local government, HRG has long been devoted to developing China's most advanced robots including space robots, a lunar rover and now pioneering in the nanomanipulating system sector.

About HIT Robot Group

HIT Robot Group (HRG), founded in 2014, is one of China's leading robotics giants. With joint investment from the Heilongjiang provincial government, the Harbin municipal government and the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), the Group's major businesses include manufacturing of a range of robots and robotic equipment for different industries. It is also a solution and service provider for technology companies.

About World Robot Conference

Jointly held by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the WRC is a platform where robotics experts and manufacturers from across the world share ideas and demonstrate their most up-to-date findings. Each year, the conference hosts forums and an expo as well as robot competitions, representing the highest standard of both academic and commercial robotics in China.

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