Machine vision up close: MVTec at VISION 2016

 Presentation of product highlights from HALCON 13 and MERLIC  Expert presentations and demonstrations on exciting machine vision issues  Features and topics: IIoT, texture inspection, 3D, OCR, deep learning

Munich, October 19, 2016 - MVTec Software GmbH (, a leading supplier of machine vision software, will be showcasing its newest technologies at VISION, the world's leading trade fair for machine vision in Stuttgart. Between November 8 and 10, visitors can experience highlights of the latest HALCON and MERLIC software releases on booth E72 in hall 1: informative demonstrations on texture inspection, matching, deep learning, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provide insights into the performance and practical relevance of machine vision features. In exciting live sessions, experts will also present useful knowledge on how to develop machine vision applications.

HALCON 13: Better performance, robustness, and usability
HALCON 13 is now even more robust when it comes to recognizing bar codes and data codes, even when they are damaged, occluded, or incomplete. The performance of shape-based matching has also been improved, and a new feature for user-friendly texture inspection has been added. Enhanced functions for optical character recognition (OCR) based on deep learning technologies round off the new release.

In demonstrative live sessions, MVTec experts will discuss the exciting HALCON 13 feature "Debugging of HDevEngine". The presentation will explain how developers can use HDevEngine in HDevelop to locate and fix programming bugs in the machine vision section of their C# or C++ application. This new feature simplifies processes for programmers of machine vision applications, resulting in savings in time, cost, and effort. An intermission demonstration will also show three-dimensional augmented reality scenarios using 3D vision technologies. One presentation at the Industrial Vision Days will outline a variety of applications to demonstrate how to use machine vision with HALCON 13 to automate processes, and how customers can benefit from standard software in particular.
MVTec will also be showcasing the following exciting topics on their booth:

• Defect detection in fabric using HALCONs new easy-to-use texture inspection
• Speedup of HALCON's shape-based matching technology using SSE2/AVX2 to identify and count different objects
• Human-machine interaction in IIoT scenarios
• Application of deep learning approaches in the machine vision segment

MERLIC: Image-based creation of machine vision applications
MERLIC can be used to create professional machine vision applications without any extensive programming knowledge. MVTec will demonstrate the following:

• Machine vision application on a standard industrial PC with a standard industrial camera and a PLC
• MERLICs remote frontend on a mobile platform

MVTec at the Industrial Vision Days (hall 1, booth A75)
Aside from the presentations at the booth, visitors can also meet MVTec at the Industrial Vision Days (hall 1, booth A75). On November 8 at 3:30 p.m., Johannes Hiltner, product manager HALCON, will hold a lecture on "MVTec HALCON 13 - Machine Vision Automates Industrial Processes", which will discuss the performance of machine vision in automated production contexts as well as customer benefits by using standard software. There will also be an open forum at the Industrial Vision Days, which deals with the issue of "Smarter Vision with Embedded Vision?" (November 8 at 2 p.m.). Amongst others, MVTec managing director Dr. Olaf Munkelt will participate in this discussion.

Further information on HALCON and MERLIC as well as a first hands-on experience with tutorial videos can be found at and on our YouTube channel at

MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision with an integrated development environment (HDevelop) that is used worldwide. It enables cost savings and improved time to market. HALCONs flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of any kind of machine vision application. MVTec HALCON provides outstanding performance and a comprehensive support of multi-core platforms, special instruction sets like AVX2 and NEON, as well as GPU acceleration. It serves all industries, with a library used in hundreds of thousands of installations in all areas of imaging like blob analysis, morphology, matching, measuring, identification, and 3D vision. The software secures your investment by supporting a wide range of operating systems and providing interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, in particular by supporting standards like GenICam, GigE Vision, and USB3 Vision.

MERLIC is an all-in-one software product for quickly building machine vision applications without any need for programming. It is based on MVTec's extensive machine vision expertise and combines reliable, fast performance with ease of use. An image-centered user interface and intuitive interaction concepts like "easyTouch" provide an efficient workflow, which leads to time and cost savings. MERLIC provides tools to design and build complete machine vision applications with a graphical user interface, integrated PLC communication and image acquisition based on industry standards. All standard machine vision tools such as calibration, alignment, measuring, counting, checking, reading, position determination, and defect detection are included in MERLIC.

About MVTec
MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: Semi-conductor industry, web inspection, quality control and inspection applications in general, medicine, 3D vision, and surveillance. MVTec, with its head office in Munich (Germany), has more than 30 established distributors worldwide and in addition, MVTec, LLC works out of Boston, MA (USA).

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