Chinese UAV Maker Areox Releases New Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The PIRO Smart Gimbal delivers a level of stability previously only available to professionals

HONG KONG, Oct. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese UAV maker Shenzhen Areox Technologies Co., Ltd. (Areox) released a stunning handheld camera stabilizer, the PIRO Smart Gimbal, at a press conference held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the afternoon of October 15th. Attendees expressed high praise for the product, after having had the opportunity to observe and experience its unique and powerful features.

With the ongoing and continual improvement in smart phones and mobile cameras, it is a given that videos and images are becoming increasingly important as a new means of social communication. As Areox's "secret weapon" for the year 2016, the PIRO Smart Gimbal is an excellent camera stabilizer. Even in a high action environment where the camera may be subject to a substantial amount of uncontrolled motion, users can shoot stable and smooth images and avoid the shaking that normally hobbles attempts to capture the exciting moments. Combined with the stabilizer's other notable features such as Target Tracking and 360° surround view shooting, users can effortlessly shoot high-quality images and videos.

The most advanced forging technologies have been deployed in the production of the PIRO Smart Gimbal. A curved handle and a luxurious leather texture assure the gimbal of its gentle feel, while a horizontal axle and the configuration of the keypad speak to the PIRO Smart Gimbal's uniqueness in terms of design . Even in an environment accompanied by considerable action and motion, users can shoot crisp and clear images by relying on the unit's advanced 3D vibration cancelation. With target tracking, users are sure to draw the attention of their peers, whether the unit is being used as part of one's work, as a hobby, or even in a live broadcast situation.

The PIRO Smart Gimbal also comes equipped with a single key panorama mode for 180° panoramic and 360° surround view shooting. The unit also features exclusive apps, external compatibility and mobile charging, a set of features that deliver a gimbal that is highly versatile and meets users' needs in terms of the flexibility of the environment where the unit might be deployed. These features assure the user the ability to be the master of his or her environment, no matter where the filming session takes place.

The strong performance of the PIRO Smart Gimbal is the result of the Areox R&D team's efforts in continually striving for perfection. The product was built on the concept of wanting to let the user be always able to see the world from a new angle. Areox, a hi-tech company focusing on technological innovations for smart devices, took this concept into account when designing every aspect of the PIRO Smart Gimbal. The company, by bringing on board several R&D experts with extensive experience in the aviation field, including some who hold patents in their own name, not only from China but also reaching beyond the borders of its home country to seek the best talent available worldwide, has achieved notable breakthroughs in image processing and dynamic systems.

All key members of the staff currently employed at Areox have professional experience in the aviation sector, while 80 percent of its developers hold a master's degree or above. The team, a group of experts in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, whose DNA is firmly grounded in everything to do with what it takes to lift a machine off the ground, regardless of the size of the machine, is able to provide a full suite of R&D and production solutions, from industrial design to software and hardware design. Over the past several years, Areox has won many customers with its technological innovations. The company's flagship products, the X5 unmanned aerial vehicle and the G10 handheld stabilizer for action photography and videography, have, following their respective launches, been well-received by users in the domestic market as well as around the world.

With several years of accumulation of technological products, Areox has become increasingly competitive in the market. With the handheld cloud platform market ripe for growth, the time is right for the roll-out of the PIRO Smart Gimbal. As the product that turned heads at the conference, the PIRO Smart Gimbal, without a fixed terminal retail price, is looking for appropriate sales agents. The company is confident that it can continue to develop more useful technological products in the future, allowing consumers to enjoy the infinite joy that can be derived from the ongoing progress of technology.

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