Westfalia Technologies, Inc. Announces Website to Highlight Parking Solutions

Leading logistics provider partners with Westfalia Logistics Solutions Europe GmbH & Co. KG and AutoPark Parking Solutions to bring more than 45 years of automation expertise to the parking industry

YORK, Pa. - Nov. 17, 2016 - Westfalia Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of storage systems in the USA, announces the launch of WestfaliaParking.com highlighting its newest automated parking solution, developed through a global partnership with sister company Westfalia Europe and parking solutions innovator AutoPark, that leverages more than 45 years of extensive experience and expertise in automated parking and materials handling. Together, these industry leaders are combining their product offerings and developing fourth generation equipment and software for fully-automated parking systems across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Local governments, developers and architects around the world are faced with the complex challenge of meeting parking demands while adhering to land use restrictions and development air rights. The demand for additional parking will only increase as the number of motor vehicles increases, with the United States anticipating at least 293.6 million motor vehicles on the road by 2021. The new website explains in detail how Westfalias parking solutions help to meet this increasing demand by providing an aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional parking garages.
Dan Labell, president, Westfalia Technologies, Inc., said, "The growing number of vehicles on the road combined with limited space availability, especially in urban areas, has created a need for parking garages to have greater storage density. Automated parking systems meet this need while reducing the land required to build a new garage, which also lessens the impact on the surrounding environment."
Westfalias parking solutions will use Savanna.NET® Parking Control System (PCS) software to manage the movement of vehicles within the garage. These solutions will increase parking capacity while using less square footage than a conventional parking garage by replacing traditional ramps with automated lifts and reducing the internal circulation space. Westfalia manufactures both pallet and non-pallet parking systems, although non-pallet, or "palletless," systems are gaining popularity due to the elimination of empty pallet handling and the reliability of the technology. The palletless parking system uses technology to adjust to the length of the car's wheelbase, allowing the system to handle multiple car sizes. Unlike pallet-supported systems, the palletless system transports the vehicle into the parking garage and positions it on a concrete slab or deck. Palletless parking systems have the flexibility to be constructed using either concrete or steel, depending on the location, which can reduce construction costs.
To learn more about Westfalias parking solutions, visit www.WestfaliaParking.com.
About Westfalia Parking Solutions
Leveraging the expertise and experience of Westfalia USA, Westfalia Europe and Autopark, Westfalias new parking solution is paving the way for innovation in the automated parking industry. By capitalizing on existing core competencies in warehouse automation and materials handling, Westfalias parking solutions specialize in cutting-edge, time-tested fully-automated parking systems for businesses, cities and municipalities, hotels, and residential properties for the Americas, Europe and Asia. To learn more about these parking solutions, please visit www.WestfaliaParking.com.

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