Galvanize Members Carbon Robotics and Pilotly Competing at Google Demo Day on June 8

Galvanize Campuses To Host Watch Party

DENVER, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Galvanize member companies Pilotly and Carbon Robotics are competing for recognition as the most promising early stage startup in North America at the 4th Annual Google for Entrepreneurs Demo Day on June 8 at the Google Developers Launchpad Space in San Francisco.

"Providing our member companies access to capital, mentorship, and large companies like Google to help them scale and grow are among the top benefits of joining our community," said Galvanize CEO Jim Deters. "We are honored to be represented by the amazing teams at Carbon Robotics and Pilotly. We wish them and all the competing companies the best of luck."

Through participation in the Google for Entrepreneurs North American Tech Hub Network, member companies on Galvanize's campuses have the opportunity to be nominated for the annual Demo Day. This event, among other programs, is part of a larger partnership between Galvanize and Google for Entrepreneurs to provide Galvanize members exclusive benefits and resources to support them in their startup journey.

"Galvanize goes above and beyond as investor, and the opportunity to apply to Google Demo Day is just one example of that," said James Norman, Cofounder & CEO Pilotly. "They back companies they really believe in which results in great resources and support for portfolio companies like ours. We're definitely excited to take the stage later this week and tell the world what we're going to do next to change the future of entertainment media."

"Galvanize has been a fantastic partner for us," noted Rosanna Myers, CEO & Cofounder, Carbon Robotics. "Not only have we benefited from their rich talent network, we also now have a home in every city we do business."

Join in the excitement and our Community at Galvanize for the Watch Party kicking off at 9:00 a.m. or tune in via the Facebook Live Stream link. This Demo Day year's judges include Steve Case, Chairman of Revolution and Case Foundation, Bedy Yang, Managing Partner of 500 Startups, and Di-Ann Eisnor, Director of Growth at Waze.

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About Pilotly

Pilotly helps professional content creators quickly gather feedback from target audiences, generating insights that help optimize their videos. Using our platform, television studios, advertising agencies, and filmmakers can launch viewer studies and retrieve data faster than any other video research platform. Clients include NBC Universal, Ovation TV, and New Form Digital. Pilotly joined the 500 Startups accelerator program in 2016.

About Carbon Robotics

Carbon Robotics builds highly intelligent robotic arms that automate tasks no human was born to do. With computer vision and machine intelligence, Carbon Robotics makes it easy for anyone to program tasks in a matter of hours instead of weeks, while their platform enables developers to build the next generation of robotic applications.

About Galvanize

Galvanize is a 21st Century school for engineers, entrepreneurs and data scientists. On eight campuses across the U.S., the energy, intellect and ambition of Galvanize students, members and alumni are at the heart of a learning community that promotes belonging, and that celebrates courage and growth. Our faculty and flexible blended-learning platform, combining part-time online education and in-person training, provide the most relevant and in-demand technology skills to anyone with the smarts, drive and grit to re-skill, up-skill and define success on their terms. Our members include first-time entrepreneurs, growing startups, and Fortune 1000 companies all looking to level-up. Become a member or enroll in an immersive course by visiting the Galvanize website. Follow us: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Featured Product

Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

Universal Robots is a result of many years of intensive research in robotics. The product portfolio includes the UR5 and UR10 models that handle payloads of up to 11.3 lbs. and 22.6 lbs. respectively. The six-axis robot arms weigh as little as 40 lbs. with reach capabilities of up to 51 inches. Repeatability of +/- .004" allows quick precision handling of even microscopically small parts. After initial risk assessment, the collaborative Universal Robots can operate alongside human operators without cumbersome and expensive safety guarding. This makes it simple and easy to move the light-weight robot around the production, addressing the needs of agile manufacturing even within small- and medium sized companies regarding automation as costly and complex. If the robots come into contact with an employee, the built-in force control limits the forces at contact, adhering to the current safety requirements on force and torque limitations. Intuitively programmed by non-technical users, the robot arms go from box to operation in less than an hour, and typically pay for themselves within 195 days. Since the first UR robot entered the market in 2009, the company has seen substantial growth with the robotic arms now being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.