Remote Sensing Technology brings the Advent of the Modern Geoinformatics Solutions

Remote Sensing technology has changed the way we see the world. Literally! The advancements in imaging and data accumulation has radically evolved the process of remote sensing.

Remote Sensing technology has changed the way we see the world. Literally! The advancements in imaging and data accumulation has radically evolved the process of remote sensing. Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics (SIG) is an illustrious name in the education domain which has catered to the industry by providing professionals capable of standing up to the responsibilities that fall on to the shoulders of the people into this field. The institute is a premier destination of students from across the world who seek to pursue masters level programme in Geoinformatics domain. The two two-year long interdisciplinary program for the students aspiring for specializations in geoinformatics for better understanding the assessment, monitoring and evaluation across sector. The purpose of geoinformatics teaches students about the space technologies and geospatial models for enhancing the estimation and analysis in remote sensing.

The program SIG offers has the core strength in its innovative curriculum that inspires aspirants with practical and theoretical knowledge in the domain of remote sensing.
Here students learn about a wide range of cutting-edge applications of geospatial techniques so that they can address the real-life problems. Along with theoretical knowledge on principles of geoinformatics the college also emphasizes on the applications of natural resource management through practical demonstrations and exercises. MSc in remote sensing is one of such programs offered by the institute which trains students in understanding the socioeconomic and cultural viability of geoinformatics. Assessment, monitoring and planning are the three basic aspects on which the institute focuses on.

In last few decades, the information technology has provided us with the platforms for disseminating the knowledge and uses of satellite. An astounding amount of factors like water, agriculture, urban, livelihood and rural development depend on the study of the climatic understanding. Understanding that, the institute has designed their program called MTech in remote sensing for providing unique knowledge about remote sensing and get rid of the trans-boundary and political barriers to the students. The program enables them to assess the qualitative and quantitative information in spatio-temporal domain.

The integrative and analytical power of geoinformatics has increased the dependency of organizations, businesses and governments for addressing the real world issues. Due to that the demand for the people with good theoretical insights and technical knowledge into the domain of geoinformatics has surged exponentially. In the modern job market, there are several opportunities of jobs coming up in the field for the learned people. Symbiosis Institute is one of the topmost Geoinformatics education institutes in India which has given the field of geoinformatics with a superb quota of scientists and researchers. Owing to that legacy, SIG has become an insignia of educational excellence and persuasive performance has been embalmed on Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics.

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