Top Flight Technologies Airborg™ H8 10K UAV with Hybrid-Power System Delivering Extended Flight, Enhanced Payload Capacity and On-Board Computing Ready for Customers

For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) it is all about power to address industrial-strength commercial applications. The Top Flight Airborg™ 10K “Small Class” UAV can fly 3+ hours, carry up to 21 lbs, and has 10KW of onboard power for payload sensors, long-range data communications, and on-board computing.

Boston-based Top Flight Technologies, Inc. (, an innovative provider of extended flight, enhanced payload, hybrid-powered commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) hardware and autopilot control products, is seeking initial commercial and government customers for its recently announced Airborg™ H8, 10K UAV, and powered by the companys proprietary Top Flight Technologies™ Hybrid-Power (Gasoline and Electric) System.

"Global customers look to MIT for UAV innovation to move beyond limited capability battery-based drones. Top Flight, largely comprised of MIT alumni engineers, have designed the Airborg 10K to squarely address UAV applications that require POWER for long-range flight, power-hungry electronics and transport," said Klaus Schleicher, Associate Director, MIT Office of Corporate Relations.
Simultaneously Top Flight is announcing the Airborg™ Engagement Program that allows any customer to fast-adapt the feature-rich Airborg platform to a particular industry and set of applications. The program includes extensive knowledge transfer, controlled testing of various application specific equipment, and assistance with local government regulatory compliance using the Airborg platform. In many cases customers are currently working with Aerial Data Acquisition Service Partners using more costly fixed wing airplanes or helicopters. Those partners now have the opportunity to add new services using the powerful Airborg™ 10K too.
"As both an Aerial Data Acquisition and Analytics Services Provider with battery-based drones, fixed wing airplanes and helicopters for Insurance, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Construction industries, we are pleased to be working with Top Flight on the Airborg UAV product development to address the massive gap in industrial-strength services that can be provided when there is sufficient power to address extended flight times, heavier payloads, and power for computing on-board," said Steven Fargo, President/Pilot for Datawing Global and Top Flight Services and Training Partner.
The Airborg™ is a serial hybrid-powered UAV. It uses readily available gasoline to generate the power that drives the lift motors, keeps backup batteries charged, and powers all onboard electronics. Hybrid engines require NO between-flight recharging of batteries. Refill fuel and immediately fly again. With modular systems and with hybrid design, parts are minimal, maintenance is straightforward, and flight control can be semi or fully autonomous, with missions developed first and tested in a simulator.
About Top Flight
Top Flight Technologies is cost-effectively advancing the safety and automation of UAVs for commercial service-specific applications. Leveraging hi-tech engineering, software technology innovation and know-how from MIT, Draper Laboratory, FAA, aerospace, aviation and military applications, Top Flight is delivering new industrial grade "service class" UAV products and complete industry solutions for aerial imaging, inspection, remote sensing and live object tracking in new cost-effective ways. Top Flights Hybrid Power Engine™ has a demonstrated world record of 2.5+ hours with 1 gallon of gasoline and opens the doors to enhanced endurance, and extended payload business applications. For more information visit

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