Autonomous Solutions, Inc (ASI) and Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. (Liebherr) Announce Collaboration towards Production of Autonomous Ready Haul Trucks

October 25, 2017— Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) and Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. (Liebherr) are pleased to announce that Liebherrs new autonomous ready haul trucks will be compatible with ASIs autonomous command and control platform; MOBIUS. Liebherr's vision of an autonomous haul truck includes an open interface that enables the truck to integrate to ASIs Mobius platform. Liebherrs autonomous vehicles can be controlled under an OEM agnostic command system for autonomous vehicles, providing maximum flexibility for their customers.

"By adopting the Mobius platform, Liebherr is poised to differentiate its autonomous vehicles by addressing the market need for interoperability and openness," explains ASIs Drew Larsen, Director of Business Development over Mining. "I believe the market will welcome Liebherrs decision."
Liebherr has integrated with the Mobius protocols for its vehicle control interface, rather than establishing a proprietary command and control platform on its own. This move to an open platform will provide much needed flexibility to their customers when integrating different autonomous vehicle types throughout a mine site.

About Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Autonomous Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in vehicle automation. ASIs Mobius platform provides an OEM-agnostic, interoperable command and control software solution for autonomous vehicles. Mobius enables mine operations to integrate a variety of mining based vehicles under a comprehensive platform. ASI's robotic hardware and software systems allow users to safely manage their entire fleet of vehicles autonomously. A world leader in vendor-independent vehicle automation systems, we serve clients in the mining, agriculture, automotive, government, and manufacturing industries with remote control, teleoperation, and fully automated solutions, all from our headquarters and 100-acre proving ground in northern Utah.

ASI's vehicle automation products can be found in companies and government agencies throughout the world, including Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Ford Motor Company, Case New Holland, Luke Air Force Base, General Dynamics, Sharp Electronics, and others.
About Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co.
Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. has been manufacturing large mining trucks designed to handle payloads of up to 363 t / 400 tons for the international mining industry since the mid-1990s. The trusted diesel-electric drive concept ensures the highest level of cost-effectiveness and, when paired with a Liebherr R 996 B or R 9800 mining excavator, the trucks are perfectly suited for the demands of mining environments. Customers can expect a high level of performance from these machines at the lowest cost per ton. Since Liebherrs move into the mining industry, its equipment has set standards in open-cast mining operations around the world. Through advanced technologies, long-life components and comprehensive on-site customer service, Liebherr mining trucks, excavators and crawler tractors ensure the highest levels of up-time and cost-efficiency - even under the toughest of conditions. Liebherrs continuous focus on innovation and quality ensures maximum customer value in all product areas.

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