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Inventors and new product entrepreneurs succeed faster when a new product development engineer gets involved.

A viable product idea rarely comes in a sudden rush of inspiration. It usually takes creative inspiration, serious engineering expertise and practical testing to develop a product to its full potential. You may have your concept sketched out and some preliminary plans for how it is to be manufactured. But proof that your new product idea will actually work can only come by making a working model and putting it through some rigorous testing.

For this you need the help of a design engineer. It is best to collaborate with a professional who specializes in helping inventors and designers bring their ideas to life. There are various kinds of engineering design services. Some consult and work with large industrial companies, others give advice to makers and manufacturers, and still others who focus attention on entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors—the kind of people who create the future.

Inventors are best served by a product development company headed by a design engineer who understands the challenge and promise of bringing a new product to market. Flexibility, imagination, creativity, and a sense of adventure are combined with prototyping, mechanical design, market research, and high-end engineering expertise to develop your idea into something that is marketable.

Definitive Design recently helped the inventor of Wire Wonder get his product ready for investors. The product is designed for manufacturing and has been through several rounds of 3D prototyping, testing, re-designing and at a point where it is ready to be produced. Seed money is being raised through KickStarter for the Wire Wonder and confident the wired world will get more organized as a result of this invention.

The most important task of a design engineer is to work out the possible design flaws, and hazards in the original concept so that the final and finished product meets consumer demand. Modeling and prototyping a new design will also suggest ways it can be improved to save costs during manufacturing and may even spur further thought on new products that may be derived from it.

For all these reasons it is important to work with a design engineer who understands the process of invention from original idea to full manufacturing. Trust and confidence are at the heart of every business relationship. At Definitive Design, we take great pride in being open and transparent with the clients we work with. The only way that any new project can be brought to the point of production and ready to take orders is if there are clear and honest lines of communication between all involved.

If you have taken your idea as far as it can go on paper, perhaps it is time to build a model and test it in the real world. Working with a design engineer will help you move toward your dream of seeing your invention sold on the market. Definitive Design is proud to offer its many services in prototyping, modeling, and market research. You can learn more by visiting our site http://www.definitive-design.com/.

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Stäubli robotic tool changer solutions

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