Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2018

High Demand for On-Demand, Same-Day, Quality Delivery Services

In an era of instant-everything, customers want shorter waiting time - which means faster, quicker delivery time for parcel and logistics players. Waiting time has trickled down from weeks to days, to Amazon's latest 2-hour delivery service "Prime Now" available in Singapore since July 2017. To top it all off, customers today want to select the delivery method, place and time.

Shorter delivery time, as well as option to choose, are fast becoming the key success factors that drive customer satisfaction, repeat customers and larger carts.
Same-day delivery is a key game changer as it blurs the thin line between online vs. offline shopping experiences. Customers are able to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and still have almost immediate access to the product - an advantage that is native to offline shopping.
What are the business models that enable these new delivery standards? What are the new technologies necessary to support such a complex delivery infrastructure? How are manpower and man-hours best utilised to ensure minimal down-time?
Join us at LMFAsia 2018 Conference & Exhibition as we discuss this trend, showcase innovations, and more!

Featured Product

Swift Naviagtion - Ruggedized Robustness for Robotic Applications

Swift Naviagtion - Ruggedized Robustness for Robotic Applications

Duro® is a ruggedized version of Swift Navigation's Piksi® Multi RTK GNSS receiver. Built to be tough, Duro is designed for easy integration into existing equipment. This affordable, easy-to-deploy GNSS sensor delivers robust, centimeter-accurate positioning while protected against weather, moisture, vibration, dust, water immersion and the unexpected that can occur in outdoor long-term deployments.