The pre-CES Drone Rodeo event provides visitors with the opportunity to experience OORI, UVify’s latest drone

Las Vegas, NV -- (DECEMBER 21, 2017) -- One day before the official opening of CES in Las Vegas, the media will have the opportunity to experience OORI, the newest drone from UVify, maker of the Draco, the winner the CES 2017 Best Drone/Robot award from Engadget, Best Danger from The Verge, and Best Drone from Robotics Trends, at the Drone Rodeo on Monday, January 8, 2018.

The pre-CES Drone Rodeo is a "high desert event featuring the latest and greatest developments in drone technology," according to the event website. UVify, makers of the world's fastest production racing drones, consumer drones, and deep learning (AI) research drones, will be on site to answer questions, discuss the industry, and to demonstrate the company's latest products.

UVify will be participating in all three tracks: Racing (DRACO and DRACO HD), Consumer (OORI), and Industrial (DRACO-R, "the deep learning (AI) drone").

The Aerodrome
Eldorado Droneport
149002 Droneport Avenue
Boulder City, NV 89005

Monday, January 8, 2018

Firsthand Opportunity to Experience the Latest UVify Products In Action

The Third Annual Drone Rodeo will provide the media with the opportunity to experience the full line of UVify drones, including the award-winning Draco, Draco HD; the enterprise class Draco R; and the company's newest drone, OORI, the world's fastest micro drone. "With customizable designs and easily replaceable arms, the Draco is changing the world of drone ownership," says Hyon Lim, CEO of UVify. "Along with super quick assembly for ease-of-transport, our rapid-swap smart battery gives lets you spend more time airborne."

Press From 45 Countries Will Be In Attendance

This is an opportunity to get a first look at what these drones can do since they are normally limited in terms of flying at CES; the Aerodrome is a safe flying environment and also serves to teach future professionals.

"During the past twenty years of my PR career, I have never seen anything so white hot in terms of media interest," said Darren Shuster, PR Representative for UVify. "It's a damn exciting time to be at the forefront of the drone and robot business."

About UVify
Based in San Francisco and with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Korea, UVify is an international collaboration between engineers, roboticists, rocket scientists, content developers, gamers, and professional drone racers. With fastidious detailing and customized engineering, UVify plans to change the world of drone usage, both in the professional field and at home. Please visit www.UVify.com for more information.

About Drone Rodeo
Held the day before CES officially begins, the Drone Rodeo is the premier pre-CES drone event. This year's event features three unique tracks: The Industrial Track, which will host drones with commercial applications; The Consumer Track, highlighting drone demos for day-to-day use; and the Racing Track, where pilots will compete head-to-head.

About Aerodome
With facilities in Boulder City and Henderson, Nevada, The Aerodome, LLC, is at the forefront of unmanned aircraft systems training. With courses taught by industry experts, they aim to prepare future professionals for the ever-expanding world of UAS. Partnering with the City of Boulder City, Aerodome created the 50-acre Eldorado Droneport, the first facility of its kind. While students receive hands-on training at Aerodome's Henderson classrooms, the Droneport serves as their teaching airport, where students can earn their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

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