New Industrial Grade, Long Range, Multi-Drop Power Relay Controller.

Online-Devices announces a new Industrial Grade, cost effective Relay Controller - the IA-2216-5 by Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems.

Powered by 24VDC or 12VDC supply voltage as needed, this new RS-485 High Distance Multi-Drop Relay Controller is equipped with 16 power relays with a contact rating 10Amp @ 250VAC and can be attached to any host PC through USB, WIFI or Ethernet using an IA adaptor.

The IA-2216-5 features 3 module versions in order to present the best fitting solution possible for each application needs:
The IA-2216-5 Module is a 16-ch, 10 Amp Relays Module, RS-485 controlled featuring fixed screw terminal blocks.
IA-2216-E-P features 16-ch, 10 Amp Relays Module, RS-485 controlled, and Pluggable Terminal Blocks in order to facilitate simpler and easier wiring experience.
IA-2216S-5-P Module is a 16-ch, 10 Amp Relays Module, RS-485 controlled featuring Pluggable Terminal Blocks for quicker wiring, and Transient Voltage Suppressors designed to protect the relays contact from generating high EMI/RFI electromagnetic noise - resulting in significantly long relay life and effectively contributes to the widening of the product MTBF performance.
All versions are ready to be both mounted by DIN rail or to be wall mounted.
Like all Intelligent-Appliance products, all IA-2216-5 modules are up to the highest standards - CE, FCC Approved, ROHS compliant.
The IA-2216-5 modules are Intelligent-Appliance Series-3000 software compatible. The software support package includes Labview and Microsoft Dot.Net libraries, open source examples and operation utilities in order to assure quick and easy software implementation and integration.
Like the successful RS-232 controlled module IA-2216-2, these new IA-2216-5 modules join the wide verity of feature rich, user friendly, and intelligent relay boards developed and manufactured by Intelligent appliance.
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