Tompkins Robotics Partners with SI Systems

Tompkins Robotics, a division of Tompkins International, partners with SI Systems to create the fastest, most flexible, robotic order fulfillment automation solution.

Tompkins Robotics, a division of Tompkins International, has introduced a revolutionary unit and parcel sortation system, t-Sort. t-Sort is the worlds first, portable automated sortation system. Tompkins Robotics is pleased to announce its partnership with SI Systems, a global provider of the fastest and most proven picking robots for order fulfillment and kitting. The partnership was formed to create faster, space optimized ''no pick labor required'' solutions designed to outperform Amazon in the emerging uni-channel fulfillment ecosystem.

Tompkins Robotics cutting-edge t-Sort robots combined with SI Systems broadest portfolio of Robotic A-Frame dispensing technologies creates optimized order flow. These solutions can be up and running in weeks and reconfigured throughout a shift. The short implementation cycle time is a credit to the engineered flexibility of the Robotic A-Frame and t-Sort. The systems are shipped ready to pick up to 36,000 units/hour with the ability to efficiently sort to 1,000's of destinations. This partnership promises clients a fast Return on Investment and is a cost-effective means to reduce labor, improve accuracy, and extended order cut-off times. Retailers and brands will also appreciate the combined solutions' compact footprint. These units can even be utilized in the backrooms of stores and easily moved into position for short fulfillment runs.

''Combining t-Sort with SI robotic dispensing technology provides significant reductions in investment and operating costs for both brands and retailers either in their own facility via Tompkins Robotics or in a MonarchFx facility. A demo system is currently installed in the Tompkins International Emerging Technology Center in Orlando, Florida for interested parties to visit,'' stated Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International.

''Tompkins Robotics is pleased to be a part of this unique and truly innovative integration of cutting-edge robotics solutions,'' said Mike Futch, President of Tompkins Robotics. ''This is an exciting time as robotic solutions become a reality in order fulfillment facilities.''

''We are very excited to partner with Tompkins on this exciting endeavor,'' said Sham Gad, President and CEO of SI Systems. ''The combination of SI's robotic dispensing technology along with the technology of Tompkins Robotics t-Sort system will undoubtedly provide a flexible and affordable robotic fulfillment solutions in support of operations large and small. The automated supply chain is no longer an option, but a necessity to support today's same day and next day customer service level demands. The SI Systems and Tompkins solution creates a compelling, cost-cutting, Amazon beating solution.''

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