Hangar & ClimaCell Partnership Adds Micro-Weather Intelligence to Autonomous Robotics Infrastructure

Real-time systems to include micro location weather intelligence to support autonomous drones, cars and robotics at the Kinetic Edge.

Hangar Technology, Inc., the worlds first autonomous Robotics-as-a-System™ data acquisition platform for 4D Visual InSights™, today announced a new strategic partnership with ClimaCell, an emerging leader in micro-weather technology, providing granular micro location weather information to Hangars autonomous flight control engine. The commercial application of this partnership will include implementation at Vapor IO and Project Volutuss Kinetic Edge™, further establishing a technology that will enable high-precision navigation, industrial automation, next-generation construction, autonomous vehicles, and ultimately bring smart cities to life.

"Our platform lies at the heart of drones and other robotics that navigate tight spaces and need to avoid inclement weather to operate smoothly," said Jeff DeCoux, Founder and CEO of Hangar. "Its critical that we build the best micro weather data into our platform, and ClimaCells technology is second to none. They are the only company that can deliver the ground-level micro weather that can give drones the power to see hidden weather systems to fly safely and efficiently."

ClimaCell will provide Hangar access to a new micro weather API, providing a high-performance weather data stream based on new hyper-sensing technologies. In combination with ClimaCells proprietary models and GPU-powered engine, Hangar autonomous robotics will be aware of:

Ground-Level Sensing: Traditional sensing technologies miss ground-level weather that ClimaCells hyper-sensing technologies track.
Spatial Zoom: ClimaCells data is provided in a tighter, zoomed-in area so autonomous robotics can make decisions based on street-by-street weather information.
Update Time: ClimaCells GPU-powered technology delivers data updated to the minute; 5X-20X faster than traditional weather APIs.
New Nowcast Model: ClimaCells API delivers forecast data for every minute for the next 6 hours versus the standard nowcast that delivers weather data in 1-hour increments.
"Were eager to provide Hangar with a micro weather engine to better inform autonomous vehicles as they precisely navigate increasingly complex environments," said ClimaCell founder and CEO Shimon Elkabetz. "Ride-sharing services, travel apps, autonomous cars; these industries all need to have a new kind of weather API that is more granular and can forecast out every minute for the next 6 hours, versus just every hour."

Autonomous Robotics at the Kinetic Edge
The ClimaCell partnership expands on Hangars existing autonomous infrastructure currently leveraging Vapor IOs Kinetic Edge to plan and execute autonomous missions generating 4D Visual InSights across many industries. The Kinetic Edge will be rolled out in the US via Project Volutus, a partnership that was announced in June of last year. Project Volutus seeks to deploy a nationwide network of Kinetic Edge micro data centers in key metropolitan cities and the partners are now deploying to the first cities, including Chicago as the first Kinetic Edge city. By building Hangars Robotics-as-a-System on top of the Kinetic Edge, the companies plan to leverage infrastructure for autonomous robotics across the entire network of Project Volutus cities as they come online.

The implementation consists of Hangars Robotics-as-a-System™ (RaaS) platform running on Vapor IOs Kinetic Edge, and utilizing ClimaCells Micro Weather API to establish an infrastructure that enables micro weather intelligence, safe navigation, connectivity, situational and airspace awareness, drone storage, drone recharging, high-speed data ingest and low latency processing.

"The tens of thousands of autonomous robots being deployed by public and private organizations will require a national edge infrastructure," said Jeff DeCoux, founder and CEO of Hangar. "As these robotics go to work, they will depend on low-latency services at the edge, including precision navigation, micro-climate decision support, and high speed ingest of data to assure safe and secure deployment."

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About Hangar:
Hangar, the worlds first robotics-as-a-system data acquisition platform, exists to serve and nurture an ecosystem of mobile robotics software, hardware, services and data for large enterprises and infrastructure owners. Our partners include hardware manufacturers of aerobotic drones, mobile robots, and sensor platforms; professional service providers including drones-as-a-service providers, robots-as-a-service providers, and data transformation innovators, computer vision, machine learning and analytics software firms. This Hangar powered ecosystem shares a strong belief and desire to bring 4D Visual Insight to provide improved efficiency, safety, innovation and digital transformation and empowerment to our collective customers and their industries. For additional information, please visit http://www.Hangar.com.

About ClimaCell:
ClimaCell is a weather technology company that is on a mission to map all of the weather data in the world. While traditional weather companies all primarily use the same weather data sources with a focus on government radar, ClimaCell is the first and only company to use data from new sensing technologies including wireless communication networks to monitor precipitation. By combining this proprietary data with public and private weather data and state-of-the-art modeling, ClimaCell provides the only full view of the weather available.

ClimaCells Micro Weather API provides the only ground-level, hyper-local weather data that is updated every minute and has the most granular short-term nowcast in the industry.

For more about Hangar and the Robotics-as-a-System™ data acquisition platform for 4D Visual InSights, please visit http://www.hangar.com. More information on the ClimaCell Mirco Weather API can be found at https://www.climacell.co/api. To learn more about the Vapor Kinetic Edge and Project Volutus, please visit http://www.vapor.io and http://www.volutus.io.

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