OCTOPUZ Extends its Reach into Australia with Mobile Automation.

OCTOPUZ Inc. is pleased to announce that Mobile Automation is the official reseller of OCTOPUZ Offline Robotic Programming and Simulation Software in Australia.

OCTOPUZ Inc. is pleased to announce that Mobile Automation, headquartered in Melbourne Australia, is an official reseller of OCTOPUZ Offline Robotic Programming and Simulation Software.

Mobile Automation, a division of Mobile Electrics Pty Ltd, was established in 2006 and specializes in industrial automation, electrical contracting, industrial robots and energy efficiencies.

Mobile Automation will help to distribute and support OCTOPUZ in Australia for a wide range of applications. Mobile Automation and OCTOPUZ Inc. share the same passion for providing customers with full solutions and excellent support.

For more information about OCTOPUZ and reseller opportunities, visit www.OCTOPUZ.com to contact us. Book a demo of OCTOPUZ Inc. to see a personalized demonstration from one of our team members.

About Mobile Automation
Mobile Electrics Pty Ltd REC 8904, commenced operations in 1987, and has become a well recognized leader in providing industrial electrical and automation solutions. Mobile Electrics/Automation has their head office in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and has a team of 40+ full time employees. Mobile Electrics is unique for their diverse capabilities and engineering services across a wide range of industrial sectors. They are committed to focusing on the long term needs of their clients and developing mutually profitable business partnerships. Mobile Automations dedicated team offers service and support throughout the complete cycle of our clients projects, from design through to completion, maintenance and 24/7 support.

Mobile Automation (www.mobileautomation.com.au) is the Australian Distributor and System Integrator for Universal Robots and now an official reseller of OCTOPUZ Robotic Programming and Simulation Software.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, OCTOPUZ Inc. provides offline robot programming and simulation software for businesses of all sizes, from small shops to global corporations. Our focus is to provide a robotic software solution that not only enables companies to reach a higher level of efficiency with their processes but that also opens opportunities for them to enter new markets and expand their business potential. Our business was built on the concept of taking complex robotic programming and making it easy.

Offline Robotic Programming - Complex Made Simple
OCTOPUZ is a complete solution that enables users to program and generate robot code offline while visualizing their entire manufacturing process. In addition to its simulation and material handling capabilities, it can generate or import path information from Mastercam for a variety of applications including edge following, material removal and fabrication. OCTOPUZ offers a powerful, flexible and customizable environment where users can program multiple robots simultaneously without interrupting production.

Featured Product

Discover the power of Omron mobile robotics.

Discover the power of Omron mobile robotics.

Our fully autonomous intelligent vehicles will help you to transform the way you move materials and route your workflows. Increase throughput, eliminate material flow errors, improve traceability, maximize flexibility and allow your employees to focus on higher level tasks. Unlike traditional AGV's, our mobile robotics navigate using the natural features of your facility and do not require expensive facility modifications or guidance. Our AIV's can adapt to changes in their environment and work freely and safely with your staff. Our mobile robots are intelligent enough to quickly learn their environment and then automatically find the optimal path to where they need to go. They also automatically make adjust for dynamic environments and can work together in fleets of up to 100 robots.