Mobilicom to establish three new drone system partners with SkyHopper

Reliable reports suggest that this would be Mobilicom's ninth design contract in addition to the latest contract with Clogworks for its SkyHopper technology.

Mobilicom, an Israel based communications solution provider, has reportedly decided to collaborate with three new drone ecosystem partners. According to trusted sources, the company claims that the deal could eventually lead to increased market shares and generate higher revenues.

According to reports, Mobilicom has teamed up with three drone companies which includes Sky-Drones for their latest flight control systems called SmartAP, Agrowing and the JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association), which will eventually help SkyHopper enhance its integration and penetration process for the new UAVs.

For the record, SkyHopper is a proprietary platform of Mobilicom that supports its range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The platform is a leading supplier of end-to-end hardware and software solutions specifically for the commercial and industrial robotics, cite sources.

Mobilicom, which designs and develops remote mobile private networks technology, has recently announced that its extended range SkyHopper PRO and SkyHopper PROV designs will be installed into Dark Matter hX, a platform created by UK based UAV manufacturer Clogworks.

Reliable reports suggest that this would be Mobilicoms ninth design contract in addition to the latest contract with Clogworks for its SkyHopper technology. Further, the company is also reported to provide services to some prime markets which include robotics, transportation, maritime, security, disaster relief, public safety, and surveillance.

As per reliable sources, the partnership would act as a welcome step for the company that will further promote Mobilicoms market over the past year. The firm further claims to have successfully forged alliances with ten new ecosystem companies in the industrial and commercial robotics and drone market which effectively meets the first-year goal of SkyHopper.

According to the communications solution provider, SkyHoppers comprehensive approach will help service providers and drone manufacturers to focus more on their business goals by minimizing cost of resources, reducing time-to-market, and increasing success probability.

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