Festo Showcases Its Latest Cartesian System Engineering and Assembly Productivity Solutions at IMTS 2018

Festo IMTS Booth # 134357, East Building Level 3

ISLANDIA, NY, September 6, 2018 — Festo features at IMTS 2018, McCormick Place, Chicago, September 10-15, an end-to-end productivity solution for Cartesian handling systems - those cost-effective, compact, and high-speed robots for pick and place, assembly, testing, inspection, machining, and more. (Festo IMTS Booth # 134357, East Building Level 3)

The Festo Handling Guide Online Cartesian robot configuration tool and the Festo Motion Control Package lead to faster design, quicker delivery, and easier setup than ever before possible.
The Handling Guide Online
Equipped with basic application information such as payload, cycle time, load voltage, and workspace size, a design engineer utilizes the Handling Guide Online tool to specify a single axis, 2D, or 3D Cartesian robot and receives a CAD file of the robot in as little as 20 minutes. Festo provides the price for that design. Engineers can immediately order the robot or alter the design and receive an updated price and CAD file. OEMs can choose to order a Cartesian robot fully assembled by Festo or ready to assemble modules packed as a single order in one box.
The new Festo Motion Control Package
The Festo Motion Control Package operates in the background and concurrently with the Handling Guide Online to automatically design the robots controller, including all parts and wiring of the control cabinet. Festo Motion Control Package generated control cabinets are delivered fully assembled and ready to install. The OEM simply adds power, Ethernet connection, IO, and wiring to the axes motors.
No specialized or manufacturer specific programming knowledge is required. OEMs simply utilize function blocks to fill in key motion parameters for fast programming. Basic motion can be taught through a webserver or IOS/Android app. The Festo Motion Control Package is also PLC independent, which means the OEM or end user can use their PLC of choice, eliminating any additional programming expertise or interface technology burden.
The Festo Motion Control Package makes setting up end-of-arm tooling easy with its IO-Link and function block approach. The package can control eight external end-of-arm digital inputs and eight digital outputs within a standard function block.
In summary, the Handling Guide Online and Festo Motion Control Package provide:
• A complete Cartesian robotic solution - a perfectly sized Cartesian robot for the application and prewired controller. OEMs have a unique part number for easy re-order.
• Festo Motion Control Package cabinets are UL508A approved with Category 4 Safe Torque Off (STO/SS1 type C). Signals are prewired to each motor controller with all signals routed through the bottom of the cabinet via heavy duty connectors. This design delivers a clean look and reliable performance.

• Pre-configured motor controllers: Each axis comes with the axis configurations, motor parameters, IP address, and more. Pre-configuration leads to fast and easy integration with the OEMs machine.

• Powerful robotic control: Festo Motion Control Package is capable of multi-axis control, interpolated motion, and fieldbus integration with standardized function blocks. This saves significant programming effort. The controller can act as the single connection to higher-level systems, significantly lowering the number of IP addresses in the IT infrastructure.
"With the tight labor market and difficulty finding talented, experienced engineers, the Handling Guide Online and the Festo Motion Control Package reduce engineering burden, as well as making assembly and programming faster and easier," said Troy Sanders, OEM Business Development Manager, Festo. "We encourage IMTS attendees to stop by the Festo exhibit and see what these important productivity tools deliver."
For more information, call 800-993-3786 and/or visit https://www.festo.us.

Photo Captions:
Handling Guide Online
Specify a Cartesian robot in as little as 20 minutes and have it delivered as a drop-in assembly or as a parts kit in a single box with unique part number. While the robot is being manufactured by Festo, OEMs continue their design work, utilizing a complete set of assembly CAD drawings.

Festo Motion Control Package full edition cabinet
The Festo Motion Control Package control cabinet arrives fully wired and ready to be installed. This image shows the Full Edition cabinet that houses up to six drives. The Festo Motion Control Package Compact Edition houses three drives.

About Festo
Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. For more than 40 years, Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions that deliver higher performing, more profitable automated manufacturing and processing equipment.
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