New Generation of Integrated Material Handling Automation Powered by Geek+ Robotics Debuts at CIIF

Geek+ will be launching the latest Automatic Forklift alongside with a full-process intralogistics automation solution

Chinese top robotics maker Geek+ Robotics (Beijing Geekplus Technology) will be demonstrating its latest material handling automation solution comprised of moving robot, self-driving forklift, mechanical arms at CIIF (China International Industry Fair) in Shanghai, from September 19th to 23rd , 2018.

Since founded in 2015, Geek+ Robotics has been committed to leading the logistics revolution in the era of intelligence through robotic and AI technology, big data analysis and the in-depth professional understanding of the supply chain. In its debut in CIIF, Geek+ announced that the demonstration will be an enlightenment of how a series of automatic industrial equipment collaborates with each other to cover each step of basic procedures in intelligent factory which involves in the integration of robot and automatic forklift, material handling by moving robots, stacking and unstacking.

Geek Moving System aims to replace the traditional AGV and reduce labor intensity by flexible material handling and simple production line deployment. Featuring in simple deployment, elegant industrial design, high-precise navigation and long-lasting battery life, and its compatibility with cage trolley traction, conveyor roller, lifting and human-machine interaction make Geek Moving System a perfect match in various scenarios of manufacturing such as raw-materials receiving and transfer, picking, loading and production line interface, especially suitable for consumer electronics and automotive manufacturing.

The other innovative equipment that Geek+ is going to showcase is called Automated Forklift. Unlike traditional forklift operated by people, Geek Automated Forklift has realized self-driving through SLAM navigation and is capable of automated storage and retrieval. Its sensors can detect the measurement and position of the goods on the shelves, pinpoint the pallet slots accurately and carry the goods to the appointed area under the instruction from the scheduling system which is independently developed by Geek+ Robotics. In addition, combining with mechanic arms, Geek Moving Robot and Automated Forklift is able to cooperate seamlessly, in which case that forklift only runs in the high-rise shelves area while the moving robots undertake the pallets moving tasks in the wider area of the warehouse, therefore path conflicts and travelling distance will be reduced significantly.

"Either Industry 4.0 or Made in China 2025, the essence is the same. That is, intelligent manufacturing."commented Mr. Yong Zheng, CEO of Geek+ Robotics, " Not only the assorted intelligent equipment should be required in the intelligent factory, but also a powerful integrated control & scheduling system, which is able to schedule and coordinate each procedure of in-warehouse work flow so as to make sure every single equipment work in harmony. The ultimate mission of Geek+ is to develop a truly complete and highly flexible automation solution for intralosgistics with the thorough integration of hardware technology and software solution." continued Yong.

The full marketing team of Geek+ Robotics will be in the booth which is located in C017, Hall 7.1.

About Geek+ Robotics
Geek+ is well-funded (it has raised $61.5 million), has 500+ employees, and provides one-stop AI and robotic solutions to enhance efficiency for users in logistics and warehouse management. Geek+ attempts to simplify steps in order fulfillment, material handling, and sorting using AI and robotics to reduce labor, optimize parcel consolidation and the picking process, and manage fleets of robots.
Geek+ has over 70 successful cases and 4,000+ robots working in some well-known enterprise warehouses.
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