West Midlands based Bots.co.uk becomes UK’s official Kassow robotic arms distributor

-Bots.co.uk, has become the official supplier of Kassow robotic arms in the UK. -We are very pleased to be working with Kassow robotics as the official distributor of the new 7-axis Kassow cobot in the UK

The Kassow robotic arm was originally developed by Kristian Kassow, a founder of Universal Robots, before its buy out. The Kassow is well known in the cobot industry for its ability to work at a high speed and with great flexibility, thanks to its seven axis of freedom and user-friendly teach pendant which make it easy to adopt in a range of factory settings.

The deal means the West Midlands company will be able to provide its own customers with a more efficient robotic arm which can work at a faster pace than standard lightweight robots currently operate.

A spokesperson for Bots.co.uk said, "We are very pleased to be working with Kassow robotics as the official distributor of the new 7-axis Kassow cobot in the UK. At Bots.co.uk we are determined that every part of our product range aligns closely with our clients' business objectives, and the 7-axis Kassow cobot delivers several significant commercial benefits. These include the ability to increase production, save time, and perform a larger number of tasks. In making this deal, we believe Bots.co.uk has further strengthened its position as the UK's leading destination for cobot sales."

One of the distinctive features of the Kassow robot is its 7th Axis making it easier to use in machine tending and loading. This widens its ability to work with a broader range of materials and objects at the same fast speed. In addition, it boasts an intuitive tablet-style interface to make programming easy. As is standard with all Bots.co.uk robots, the Kassow will also come complete with a Productivity & Measurement App, so that businesses can monitor and analyse its performance.

Bots.co.uk are one of the leading suppliers of robots for hire and sale for both industrial and commercial operations. With rates starting from as little as £2.70 an hour, they have helped to open up automation and robotic manufacturing to a broader range of clients, from small to large businesses. To find out more, visit https://bots.co.uk/

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