Geek+ Robotics Bringing Their Multi-Product Advanced Warehousing Solutions to ProMat

New products include the C200 Bin-Carrying Robot Shuttle System, Autonomous Forklifts, and the OpenBox System.

Geek+ Robotics will be showcasing their latest and most advanced robotic solutions at ProMat 2019, the largest supply-chain trade show in the Americas, at Booth N6327, in Chicago, April 8th to 11th.

Lit Fung, Managing Director and Michael Hao, President, will be available for interviews. New products include the C200 Bin-Carrying Robot Shuttle System, Autonomous Forklifts, and the OpenBox System.

Geek Moving System
The Geek Moving System for bins, pallets, boxes or single pieces - from goods receipt, unloading and storage, to picking, packing and order shipment, replaces traditional AGVs and reduces labor intensity. Features include simple installation, elegant industrial design, high-precision navigation and long-lasting battery life, and its compatibility with cage trolley towing, conveyor roller systems, lifting, and human-machine interaction.

Geek Autonomous Forklift
These two new forklifts realize self-driving through SLAM navigation and are capable of automated storage and retrieval. Its sensors can detect the measurement and position of the goods on the shelves, pinpoint the pallet slots accurately and carry the goods to the appointed area under the instruction from the scheduling system.

Geek Robot Shuttle System
This new system identifies and picks standard-sized bins and carries them to workstations for picking and packing. The system includes intelligent scheduling and accurate navigation. It is suitable for multi-SKU storage and picking applications and is designed to operate on single layer rack and multi-layer mezzanine racks, fits within existing warehouses. Carton or shoe boxes can also be picked by the C200 with single box weights up to 40 Kg.

Geek OpenBox Platform
OpenBox leverages SLAM navigation technology and learns from each task it performs to maximize route guidance, manage traffic and reduce waiting times at packing stations. The system enables rapid deployment, efficient point-to-point transport and seamless docking, free from modification of environments. The OpenBox system can be combined with a variety of robots and top modules to meet diverse handling scenarios.

About Geek+ Robotics
Explosive growth in global e-commerce along with rising labor costs and high rates of turnover have created serious demand for automation. Geek+ is at the forefront of solving these challenges with an ever-widening line of products. Geek+ has delivered more than 5,000 robots across 100+ robotics warehouse projects in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the United States. Last year Geek+ raised $150M and plans to open a U.S. office and training facility.
Visit Geek+ at booth N6327

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