KUKA to Demonstrate Human-Robot Collaboration Capabilities at Medical Design & Manufacturing East

KUKA’s KR 3 AGILUS robot will showcase the automation provider’s fastening capabilities at the medical technology-focused event

KUKA, a global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, will exhibit its robotic automation solutions at Medical Design & Manufacturing East (MD&M East) in New York from June 11-13. MD&M East plays host to five smaller expos, including East Pack, Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, ATX East and Quality Expo, serving manufacturers from a variety of industries.

At the event, KUKA's team will discuss the role human-robot collaboration plays in automation and the critical capabilities robotics require, such as mobility, flexibility and reliability, to effectively support manufacturers.

KUKA's booth will feature the company's KR 3 AGILUS and demonstrate its enhanced fastening capabilities. Ideal for handling, screw fastening, adhesive bonding, packaging and inspecting, the lightweight KR 3 AGILUS works in small spaces while maintaining maximum production value. At the booth, the robot will showcase its fastening capabilities by taking a micro screw from a feeder and fastening it into a large plate - a technique that is particularly useful for the production of small electronic devices.

Human-robot collaboration has become incredibly prevalent in manufacturing, due to robots' precision and delicacy and the growing number of applications the robot is designed to support. KUKA continues to adapt its solutions to meet the needs of the evolving manufacturing space by creating robots capable of performing each of the six stages of human-robot collaboration. For example, its KR 3 AGILUS display demonstrates stage two of the six stages of human-robot collaboration. Stage two collaboration allows a human to interact with the robot and load parts into the cell; the robot will only operate when a human is at a safe distance.

"The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly, and we want our customers to have access to the most advanced technologies to remain competitive," says Steve Green, general manager of robotics and solutions at KUKA Robotics. "At MD&M East, we want to show our customers how our solutions can support them. From 3D printing to human-robot collaboration to mobility, our robots are built for efficiency, accuracy and reliability."

For more information about MD&M East, visit: https://advancedmanufacturingnewyork.com/mdm-east.

To learn more about KUKA Robotics and the solutions it will display at booth #1259, visit: https://www.kuka.com/.

About KUKA

KUKA is a global automation corporation with sales of around 3.5 billion euro and around 14,200 employees. As leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers its customers in the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, metalworking, logistics/e-commerce, healthcare and service robotics industries everything they need from a single source: from components and cells to fully automated systems. The KUKA Group is headquartered in Augsburg.

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