Ultra Precision Linear Motor Stages with Built-in Controllers - X-LDM-AE

Zaber's X-LDM-AE Series devices are motorized linear motor stages suited for applications demanding outstanding precision, throughput, and reliability.

A centrally mounted linear encoder results in 1 µm position accuracy and consistent movement steps down to 25 nm. X-LDM-AE devices feature high efficiency ironless linear motors, providing high speed and acceleration, while minimizing heat generation to improve repeatability. Both the drive and encoder are non-contact and have no moving cables, resulting in a high lifetime system.

Features include:
• 80 nm repeatability; 1 µm accuracy; 25 nm minimum incremental move
• Direct position measurement from 1 nm resolution linear encoder
• Up to 1.2 m/s speed; up to 3.5 g acceleration
• 60 - 210 mm travel options
• Non-contact ironless linear motor for ultra precision, high dynamics and zero backlash

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