Why you need product development prototype

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New Product development needs to be modified innumerable from birth to maturity. When the Rapid Prototyping industry did not arise, many products were directly produced and mass-produced after they were developed. However, there are many unexpected shortcomings after such products are developed. In the end, the mold needs to be modified again and again, which not only wastes time and money, but also ultimately does not have a good effect.

Advanced software can simulate a very realistic product map, but the prototype is a real performance design, any defects and defects can be compensated and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the product has a mature design before the mold opening, reduce the risk of product development.

Why product development needs rapid prototyping?

1. Verify the design. Compared to the drawings, the prototype is not only impressive but also directly touchable. Through the product's prototype , the designer's ideas can be reflected in the form of physical objects.
2. Verify the structural design. Normally, the product's prototype can be assembled, so the structure can be visually and intuitively corrected by checking the product's prototype.
3. Reduce the risk of direct mold opening. The cost of manufacturing a set of molds is generally very high, and some even hundreds of thousands or even millions. If the structure is unreasonable or other problems are discovered after the mold is opened, the loss can be imagined. prototype production can reduce this risk.
4. Grab the product market ahead of time. Because the prototype production has a certain degree of advancement, the designer can apply the prototype to the pre-production promotion before the mold development, even the pre-sales, product preparation and early occupation of the market.
5. The prototype can be used as a physical exhibit of exhibitions and trade fairs, saving the development cost of the enterprise.

EBI provides rapid prototyping service, SLS/SLA rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding. CNC rapid prototyping, low volume, on-demand. no MOQ, fast delivery free design.
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