Recon Aerial Media Brings Wind Turbine Blade Inspections by Drone to the Next Level

Recon Aerial Media, a Canadian based drone service provider has teamed up with a class-leading Ai software provider to bring computer vision and machine learning to drone wind turbine blade inspections.

Recon Aerial Media drone services have teamed up with a leading Artificial Intelligence (Ai) software provider. Recon Aerial combines excellent drone inspection methodologies with class-leading damage detection via computer vision and machine learning.

The Recon Aerial drone service team's wind turbine inspection service is a turn-key operation. Wind turbine owners and operators access the service to receive manual or automatic wind turbine blade inspections and access to defect-recognition data via Ai software reports via a class-leading Ai platform.

The Ai software for wind turbine blade damage detection is a fully integrated asset management system that classifies damage according to wind turbine blade damage type and severity. Among many other features, the software accepts multiple user roles and provides a collaborative environment. This collaborative approach provides access to reports, images and data for the operator's team and service providers to ensure a quick resolution to damage discovered through the drone inspection process.

The key feature of drone wind turbine inspections offered by Recon Aerial Media is to allow wind turbine operators and owners to discover damage AND aggregate data. For example, aggregated leading-edge erosion discovered across all assets provides critical information; it allows operators to employ an effective maintenance strategy to preserve annual energy production. Based on current research we estimate a wind park of only 20 wind energy converters can recapture 350K annual in lost energy production by addresses leading-edge erosion on WEC blades.

The combined result of Recon Aerial's service offering is to provide energy sector clients with professional wind turbine inspection services AND advanced condition surveys via Ai machine learning that allow operators to maximize annual energy production and take more hard-earned money off the table

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