ADLINK’s #SmartPalletExperience at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 to Demonstrate the Power of AI in Packaging with Partners AWS, Intel and Rover Robotics

Partners showcase faster, more accurate logistics for warehouse distribution and manufacturing with interactive Edge IoT exhibit featuring smart pallets and smart robots

ADLINK Technology, Inc. and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Intel and Rover Robotics are coming together to demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in packaging with the interactive Edge IoT #SmartPalletExperience at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019. Featuring machine vision, AI and robotics technology, conference goers can get hands-on to see how Edge IoT can quickly help increase pallet profitability, quality inspection, automation, and productivity within the distribution center and manufacturing floor. The immersive experience features two game-like demonstrations where attendees stack pallets and race the clock for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and interact with Rover the Robot for a t-shirt.

The Smart Pallet Race highlights vision-based machine learning powered by ADLINK Edge, AWS IoT Greengrass and Intel IoT. As attendees race the clock to successfully stack and clear a pallet manifest, they will experience a real-world packaging and distribution scenario made smarter. The Smart Pallet solution identifies misplaced inventory with or without a barcode, can help automate bin picking, identify quality issues, and determine fill levels in real-time, increasing productivity and ergonomics for warehouse employees in a quick, cost-effective way.

The second demonstration, Rover the Robot, highlights warehouse robotics and AI technology in partnership with AWS Robomaker. Built on ADLINK's ROS Starter Kit with Intel® Core™ technology, Rover the Robot comes alive to select and deliver t-shirts to booth visitors. Brought together by robot maker Rover Robotics, the #SwagBot demonstrates how enabling warehouse and manufacturing equipment with robotic AI technology helps robots communicate to make tasks in logistics and manufacturing processes more efficient and automated, helping to reduce time to market.

"ADLINK Edge and Vortex DDS IoT solutions bring AI to the edge, making digital and analog assets intelligent—including pallets and robots—which can communicate and collaborate to increase accuracy, speed, and productivity," said Joe Speed, ADLINK IoT Field CTO. "By joining forces with AWS, Intel, and Rover Robotics, we can share the power, strength, and expertise of our ecosystem and the enormous benefits we can deliver to distribution and manufacturing sectors."

Attendees can reserve a spot in advance or stop by the ADLINK booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Level 1, Lower South Hall #6387, September 23-25, for the Edge IoT Smart Pallet Experience: racing to clear a pallet manifest for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and meet Rover the Robot. ADLINK is offering no-cost, full-access expo passes to Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 to anyone who wishes to visit the Edge IoT Smart Pallet Experience.

ADLINK Technology is a global leader of Edge Computing with a mission to reduce the complexity of building IoT systems. ADLINK provides the Analog Digital LINK to make machine connectivity simple through edge hardware and edge software forming Edge IoT solutions for manufacturing, networking & communications, medical, transportation, power, oil & gas, and government & defense industries. Our Edge IoT solutions can include embedded building blocks and intelligent computing platforms, fully featured edge platforms, data connectivity and extraction devices, secure software for data movement, and Edge IoT apps to monitor, manage, and analyze data-streaming assets and devices.

ADLINK is a Premier Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, has a strategic partnership with NVIDIA and AWS to bring AI to the edge, is a proud contributor to the #AccessibleOlli "Autonomous for All" program, and is active in several standards organizations and interoperability initiatives, including Eclipse IoT, ROS-Industrial Consortium for Robotics, PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGeT), Open Fog Consortium, European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and Open Compute Project (OCP).

ADLINK products are available in over 40 countries across five continents with a worldwide distribution network. For more information, visit

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