3 Ways to Decrease Vibration of 2-phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

To solve the vibration problem of 2-phase hybrid stepper motor, first of all, we must understand that the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor will vibrate in which speed range.

2-phase hybrid stepper motor is easy to vibrate at low speed, especially concentrated in 0-50 r/min. In this specific speed range, it is the large torque state of the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor, which is very likely to cause the customer to encounter vibration problems.

The first method of decreasing vibration: use the stepper motor driver with microstepping technology
By using microstepping technology to make the step angle of the motor smaller, the motor will run more smoothly. The operation of the motor at low speed is smoother and the vibration is greatly improved.
The stepper drivers in STEPPERONLINE all have microstepping functions such as DM320T, DM332T, DM542T, DM556T, DM860T, DM2282T, 3DM2283T, CL42T, CL57T, CL86T, etc.

The second method of decreasing vibration: use a cushion
The cushion is installed on the front end cover of the motor,and the vibration energy is absorbed by the rubber and converted into heat energy, which effectively suppresses vibration. The cushions in STEPPERONLINE motors reduces vibration and noise significantly.

The third method of decreasing vibration: install the gearbox on the motor
In order to avoid the low-speed working state where is easy to generate vibration, the rotation speed of the motor can be increased first, and then the speed can be reduced by the gearbox to avoid the resonance region. And then it will achieve the effect of vibration reduction at low output speeds.

STEPPERONLINE offers various models of precision planetary gearbox motors and spur gearbox motors.

For more information, please visit www.omc-stepperonline.com.

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